Joshua H.

My degree in criminal justice will not only benefit Michigan but also the people that live in it. After I graduate I will become a police officer in the city of Detroit for the Detroit Police Department (DPD). I want to become a police officer because I have always enjoyed helping people. Growing up in the inner city of Detroit I have witness and overcome obstacles that most people will never have to face. I have lost friends and loved ones to pointless crimes. Michigan needs more great officers on the streets to serve and protect its people. As a cop you can be a positive force in interacting with the civilian population in the area you work in. In certain areas of the community police have a stigma and portrayed in a negative light. I want to be the one that breaks that barrier and be the one to lend my hand out to the people. The people don’t feel safe around the police that’s why they chose to rebel but all it takes is one person to end that perception. Once you gain the trust of the community you will have created change. Michigan has tons of great careers to choose from and being a police officer comes with great responsibility. As a police officer people look at you differently, and in the eyes of the public you have to be a great citizen. I will be the best person I can in the community and help bring positivity back to the city and the great state of Michigan. I love the city of Detroit and the state of Michigan. Being a cop I will help to improve people’s lives every day and make strong connections within the community both on a city and state level. I want to show people that police officers are not bad people, but human beings just like them. It will be an honor the serve and protect the City of Detroit and Michiganders as well. I am a team player and coming from the mitten state I plan to take us to the championship. I plan on leading and uplifting the community one step at a time.