Jillian J.


Diseases spread like wild fire, but so does hope when I earn my degree in Epidemiology I will be able to study both. Epidemiology, defined by Merriam Webster’s Dictionary is “the study of how disease spreads and can be controlled”. With my degree not only will I ensure that Michigan stays safe from disease, but I will help Michigan export some of the world’s most brilliant minds. Once I gain my degree and begin in my line of work I will also be able to inspire many people. I am an African American female and more often than not both women and people of color are often excluded in the field of science, I will ensure that my success is made public to incite hope in all. Michigan is home to many young thinkers with potential filled lives, but unfortunately there are also great minds lost in Michigan because of a lack of higher education. Once I have received my degree I will divide my efforts between making advances in my line of work and working to provide an education to deserving students who would not be able to receive a higher education otherwise. Living in the great state of Michigan, with all of its diverse cultures has helped mold me into a diligent, goal oriented young woman, and I will use those gifts to repay what was given to me and more.