Jezreel W.


Some of the most important discoveries in society will be built upon leadership abilities and influence, open-mindedness, and future innovations. Upon graduating from high school, I plan to receive a degree in engineering. I will engage in research that will continuously improve the state of Michigan along with my career goals, however, improving the state of Michigan first starts with being able to influence its individual communities and the students of those communities. 

I am a student that finds technology and other engineering concepts fascinating because I have been involved in STEM activities (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), but what about the students that do not have the means of finding out the possibilities of an exciting career that benefits the future of innovation? I believe the best way to improve the state of Michigan first starts with having a powerful influence on its younger generations, this influence starts with exposure. As a student at Renaissance High School in Detroit, I am involved with STEM activities through ACE (Architecture, Construction, and Engineering) and STEM Genius. Coming from Detroit, I see that it is sometimes portrayed as a city of failure, but the people that arise from our city can be great individuals who achieve wonderful things. Some of these individuals eventually come back and give back to the city. I am going to be one of those people. I want the posterity to be able to see the beauty and fun in having a STEM career by creating a non-profit organization in Detroit that offers tutoring and activities for elementary through high school students in areas such as science and mathematics. Eventually, I would like to create local chapters in other cities for students to be able to explore the many types of career paths a background in science and mathematics can lead to. Obtaining a degree in engineering will help me to achieve this goal.

We see the work of engineers observed daily in our lives, everything from the foods we eat, to the gas we put in our cars, and the roads we drive on. My degree in engineering will not only allow me to teach and influence other students, it will allow me to make contributions in research to key areas that may influence the future of Michigan and perhaps the world, such as creating a more effective way to protect the Great Lakes or creating and being able to implement more efficient energy sources for the preservation of our natural lands.

While obtaining a degree in engineering would lead to my use of science and mathematical concepts learned from college and applying those concepts to everyday life, nothing creates a better use of a college degree like first-hand experience with people, ultimately, I look forward to enhancing the state of Michigan by offering its students a way to think about the future of the world and making it a better place for us all to live in through engineering, science, and math.