Je'Von A.

Communications is primary when it comes to many things in life. Without communication you can’t get far in life. With a Communications Degree you can go down many paths. I plan to use my Communications Degree with my musical talent and become a music producer. The city of Detroit is the Heart of Michigan. Motown music was birthed in Detroit. Music flows though the hearts and souls of all of us in the city of Detroit. Lately, music has not been used to promote positivity. The common themes of most songs are sex, money, cars and drugs, which are all superficial. I want to create positive music that reflects the good in life and represents the positives of Michigan. In addition to being known for the automotive industry, Faygo pop, Vernors and Motown, I think the new generation can and will make a major impact in our city and the State of Michigan. The state has endured a bad reputation related to scandal and corruption, and the nation was able to watch and judge. With the ability to communicate positive messages about the great things that are going on in Michigan through music, the perspective of the rest of the nation can change. I plan to produce artist from Michigan that has the heart to promote the positives and represent our state in the most positive light. I personally plan to speak towards feeling like an outsider, being bullied but having the determination to move forward towards success. My desire is to impact people of all ages through music, public speaking and other forms of communication.