Jessica S.

At Western Michigan University, I will work towards a degree in Bio medical Science. I will continue my education in Pharmacy school to become Pharmacists. I am excited about becoming a Pharmacist and researching the reactions and side effects of prescription drugs. 

As a Pharmacist, I will be able to educate my community on usage of prescription drugs. According to, a report by Trust for America’s Health stated that prescription drugs have become a rapid public health concern. Prescription related drug deaths have outnumbered other drug related deaths, such as heroin and cocaine. As a Pharmacist, I hope to decrease the death rates caused by misuse of prescription drugs. In Michigan, I know many citizens misuse prescription drugs and are not aware of the correct way to take prescription drugs. This is not only a health issue, but also an economic issue. For example, in a report by Trust for America’s Health, “misuse and abused prescription pain killers has cost the United States approximately $53.4 billion each year in lost productivity, medical cost and criminal justice cost”. Therefore, with my interest in the prescription drugs I would like to further educate my community by giving advice, interacting with patients, calling patients weekly to monthly for checkups to ensure the prescriptions are being properly used. However, with the knowledge of a Pharmacist I hope to properly educate the citizens with instructions and addition details on each prescription drug. 

Receiving this scholarship with financial assistance will help me pursue my bachelor’s degree in Bio medical Science with continuation of Pharmacy School to later become a Pharmacist in the local community.