Jayela S.

In the spring of 2019, I will be graduating form Western Michigan University with a degree in Supply Chain Management. To obtain this degree, it takes skills such as; problem solving, hard decision making, communication, working with people and numbers, organization, and following directions. I aspire to have a high position at a luxury car company. 

During the recession, many families suffered from the harsh economic downfall, including mine. I witnessed my father lose his job, making him unable to provide for my brother and I. My mother was forced to scrounge on her low income to support her children to the best of her ability. This was an extremely hard time for my family, at times I thought I would have to quit sports and get a job to help my mother pay the bills. My mother tried her best not to expose that we were struggling, however it was undoubtedly obvious. 

Setting goals is a key factor to success, which is something I practice daily. Whether they are short term goals or long term goals, you must have your eyes on the prize. When I achieve my goal of obtaining my executive position, I will set another goal of transforming Michigan’s economy to the best in the country. No family deserves to suffer from another recession or depression. By building up the car company that I work at, I could continue to help the other companies to not focus on competing with one another so much, but rather working together to achieve a common goal of bettering the economy. Once all of the car companies are successful, that will result to workers becoming successful also. Since car companies will become well off, we can then start to run campaigns to raise money for families in need and charities. To some, my plan may sound like a fairy tale, but the sky is the limit. Anything is possible, and you should always want your hometown to be a superior place to live and visit.

Money isn’t everything; however life is easier when you are well off enough to provide for your family. With my degree, I will better the state of Michigan by altering the economy for the better of all. Thank you for considering me for this scholarship.