Jalen G.

With Henry Ford’s innovation combining the assembly line with his new affordable automobile Detroit became the automotive capital of the world. Jobs in factories were abundant providing employment for many of Detroit’s residents including my own father and most of his family. While the most famous, the Ford motor company and its benefits are not the only impact engineering has had on our great state. As a future electromechanical engineer major I plan on bringing some life back into the Detroit area.
While I do hope that my endeavors can bring a change for the better across all of Michigan I have decided to turn my focus toward Detroit, the city of my birth. My goal is to be a leader in green energy technologies and making sources such as wind turbines and solar panels more readily available. I plan on pushing for lights to be returned to the city in hopes of making it safer at night, to decrease the cost of power and ultimately the cost of living. Upgrades to city power should increase property values and the initiative would create a need for workers. All these factors would positively stimulate Detroit’s economy as well as decreasing production of pollutants and put the city back on to the road to recovery.

Before I can accomplish this however I have to first become established in my field. I plan to attend Kettering University and utilize the Co-op program there in order to obtain years’ worth of job experience alongside getting my degree. After graduation I plan on using this experience to enter into an entry-level employment position or greater. While my goal is to be an established member of my field my dream is to own a company of my own. Once I have gained the necessary experience and capital I hope to invest in the creation of a small company with growth potential. While I may not live to see it grow to its fullest I want to lay the foundations for a company that can become recognized brand associated with innovation and its benefits to Michigan’s communities and will be able to play a role in our state’s continuing improvement. I believe that this idea portrays the actual nature of engineering in my opinion which is the creation of something for the generations to improve on. 

In summary I believe that through technology Michigan can increase its wealth so that it can be put towards greater things such as education. Particularly focusing on power sources and fixing our problem cities would bring the greatest benefit because a chain can only as strong as its weakest link and I believe I can help to strengthen those links.