Hudson T.

Serving My City

Detroit is my birthplace and will always be my hometown. My calling and passion in life is to minister to young men and love in my community through coaching and serving, and my desire is to do so in Metro Detroit. I want to be a positive influence in the lives of the high school boys and girls that I will coach. I will be an example of a strong leader who knows how to humbly serve his community. Above all else, ethics and moral truth will be taught and valued when I coach and teach. By using my college education, I look forward to giving my best to the people of Metro Detroit.

My degree can directly help me lower the attrition rate of Detroit and its suburbs by being a positive role model and voice of reason to young men. I will show young men that excelling athletically goes hand-in-hand with performing well in the classroom. When things get tough and the challenges in life and in school are overwhelming for my students, I will be there to encourage and speak life into them. I believe that through perseverance and hard work, any youth can rise up and achieve in his or her school. Also, athletics provides a positive outlet for time and energy that might rather be used for destructive purposes. 

With the education I will receive, I can invest in the community through athletics. I look forward to participating in community-run camps or classes that help people of all ages stay healthy and fit. My goal is to help individuals feel better about themselves, so that they can feel better about their life and community. Serving and leading are both needed to build a stronger community; the tools and methods I'll learn in school will help equip me for this.

Lastly, by being educated to coach, I can instill positive character in the youth of Metro Detroit. Athletics is not just physical training; it challenges a person to grow as a whole individual. Through coaching, I can teach crucial moral virtues such as team work, the value of self discipline, respect, and the need for honesty and integrity. I plan on attending a Christian school where such characteristics are taught and held in high esteem. The sports and fitness I plan to instruct will strengthen matter, mind, and manner. 

Through my college education, I can invest in the youth of Detroit and its surrounding communities. I will motivate young men to give school and athletics their best effort. The community will also see changes for the better as I serve its people. I will teach youth important values that build character and inspire them to be leaders in their own neighborhoods. I was raised in Metro Detroit and now I want the opportunity to assist others as they live and grow in the city that I love.