Gabrielle A.

My name is Gabrielle Adams. I am currently a dual enrollment student at Harper Woods High School. I have dreamed of becoming a veterinarian since the age of 7. I have been accepted to Michigan State University. Michigan State has one of the best veterinary school programs in the nation. My goal is to successfully acquire a doctorate degree in Veterinary Medicine. There is a strong connection between animals and myself. 

I am a Michigander and have been my entire life. When I become a veterinarian, I plan to open my own Veterinary Hospital. This will strengthen our state economy and add opportunity for employment here in Michigan. I will offer my assistance financially and dedicate my services to organizations such as; The Michigan Humane Society, Animal Welfare Society, Michigan Anti-Cruelty, Michigan Animal Adoption, and Royal Oak Animal Shelter. 

One less stray would provide a safer community for animals and people. There have been cases where people have been viciously attacked by an injured, starving, and stray animal. On the other hand, there are so many animals that are abandoned and/or abused by humans. 

When my dog had surgery, I was allowed to follow the doctor into the surgical room. There, I saw all of the tools necessary to provide care for sick and injured animals. I was so amazed by what I had seen. I actually wanted to participate in the surgical procedure. When I became 16, I went to the Veterinary Hospital to shadow visit. Unfortunately, I was unable due to the liabilities involved. I was told to return at age 18. I am currently seeking an opportunity of the shadow visit. 

Winning this essay contest will be greatly appreciated. It will provide extra finances that will assist me in pursuing my goals. Thank you for this opportunity.