Ezinwa A.

In a world where a person's wealth is valued more, and where the poor are left to suffer, there needs to be a voice. I plan to become that voice. With many injustices that are happening in the world, poverty seems to be one that is least discussed. The world chooses to turn a blind eye on those who are less fortunate. It does not take much to make a difference in a life. I plan to be an advocate for the poor and extend my helping hand to those who are less fortunate. With my compassion, I plan on working in the medical field. 

There are many impoverished, sick people in the urban areas of Michigan that have a high death rate due to lack of medical interventions. Many see the numbers and choose to not do anything about it. However, there are very few that understand the reality of the situation. They do not know that the struggle that most are having is due to health insurance. Many people are struggling to find jobs and provide for their families. If these people do not have jobs, there is no chance that there will not be much available for their perusal. I plan to make sure that their voices are heard. 

The government may be in charge of healthcare, but they are not in charge of how they are received. Medical treatment should never have a price tag. No one should be afraid to go to the doctors in times of need due to the price they will have to pay afterwards. With my degree, I plan to assist those in need of medical treatment. My goal is to own a private clinic and give assist to those who are unable to afford medical treatment. The amount of money earned should never matter when helping others. The best reward is in the deed itself. 

I know that my love and compassion for the sick and motivation are vital attributes for my career goal. My future aspirations are the change the world needs. When we reach out to others, the chain is never broken. The love and compassion will be paid forward. With that being said, I will be the change in the world.