Errol F.

As a recipient of this scholarship I will be able to attend George Mason University majoring in International Business with a minor in Chinese. My degree in International Business will help the State of Michigan by helping it become a more inclusive state and an International hub for diversity. Over the years the Metro Detroit area as a whole has become a “melting pot” for people from all over the world. People of all ethnic groups, religious beliefs, and cultures call Michigan their home. I plan to use my degree to work with local businesses to help these groups become more known and feel apart of the community. I want to help people understand that just because you look “different” doesn't mean that you are different. With the downtown area making a turn around and more businesses coming to Detroit to be apart of this positive change. I plan to work with businesses from all over the world to help bring an International feel right here to us. The Metro Detroit area has so many different communities that are experiencing a change, ranging from the Asian Community in southwest Detroit to the Islamic community in Dearborn. I want businesses who represent these cultures to relocate here and add to the rebuilding of Metro Detroit. I want Michigan on the level of Washington D.C and Chicago when it comes to diversity and inclusion. The success of these places have inspired me to want to be apart of change. The increase in travel and added publicity will consequently boost our economy and job market. Thus, bring stability to Michigan as a whole.