Destiny C.

Michigan has always been my home. My greatest memories of Michigan come from my childhood. I remember the hours I spent at many park playscapes, my time pruning in the lakes and getting sand in my shoes, and enjoying everything there was to offer. Often I'd go and revisits these sites and I'd find that nothing looks the same. The playscapes are full of trash, the lakes aren't as clean, I see than some areas are run down by poverty, and my areas of childhood pleasure just need a little TLC. My dual degree in environmental engineering and entrepreneurship will be utilized for cleaning these areas and raising money to restore Michigan to it's beauty for my eyes and the eyes of those to come.

Using my skills in entrepreneurship, I'd like to build a business that hires people to clean polluted areas, recycle as much trash as possible, and sell the recyclables to different manufacturers. My innovative engineering abilities would help me to figure out the best way to execute my idea. Since all great business rely on great employees, I'd start by hiring people locals to pick up trash in areas closest to them since they'll care the most about the pollution. Minimal skill is needed for this job which would attract the youth and people working their way through school.

After enough money accumulates I hope to develop recycling centers all around Michigan. Some people fail to recycle because it lacks convenience. To solve this problem each recycle center would be within a minimum of ten miles from densely populated areas and also in recreational areas. This will encourage areas to stay free of pollution while also allowing my company to gain for profit that can go toward recreational restoration. 

Michigan has it's many issues but pollution doesn't have to be one of them. My future degrees will reverse the effects of pollution and decrease it's recurrence.