Courtney L.

I plan on becoming a physical therapist. I want to be the support that others truly need. I will help others get their mobility back. I will be the crutch that they can depend on. Most people will look at this type of job as helping others to get better, but I will do so much more than just physically help them. I will be their positive and optimistic outlook on life, which is what they will need. Most people can get depressed and sad when they don’t see themselves improving quickly enough. Similarly to how Michigan has had its ups and downs, I will show people that while they may be down right now, with some determination, compassion, and help, they will be on top in no time! I want to work in Michigan to improve the lives of the people who live here, in my home state. When people are optimistic and happy, their positive attitude will spread among their community too. Michigan is doing pretty well right now with the economy, but I want to help the people who live here to be better. It’s quite simple; when people are happy and they feel good, the place where they live will prosper and be better than ever.

Independence is a huge thing that most of us take for granted; most people don’t know what it feels like to need assistance for everyday activities. When people are restricted with their movement they can feel lost and dependent on everyone for most tasks, regardless of how simple they may appear. Getting back to their regular or better health is a huge jump for those who are struggling with it. Any state could use help, but Michigan is the comeback state that likes to keep everyone on their toes. Instead of keeping everyone on their toes, I want to convey positive attitudes and outcomes to show them that Michigan is back on top and plans to stay there. It seems that we Michiganders don’t have a great reputation, but I plan to change that. People’s happiness matters and it affects where they live and who they live around. It is much more important than people say it is. It’s like a virus; when one person feels better about themselves and they have a positive attitude, it will spread to others around them. It’s time for Michigan to be happy and positive on what it is doing. While expressing my positive attitude through physical therapy, I will help Michigan be the state that stands out to people. People will want to live here!