Christina L.

When I graduate high school, I will be pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in Nursing at University of Michigan- Ann Arbor. My degree will be very helpful to the state of Michigan and without it it’s impossible to be an asset to the community. My degree will allow me to work at one of the leading hospitals in the nation; which will allow me to learn state of the art technology in the medical field. I am extremely excited to pursue my career and help patients and their families. When given the opportunity, I would like to not only help heel my patients, but educate them with preventative health care. I want to make them feel safe and comfortable in the hospital while I do my job. With my degree, I’ll be able to change many lives.

Having a degree from one the top medical schools in Michigan will open up plenty of opportunities for me. I will be able to choose to work at any hospital. Instead of going to a hospital like Johns Hopkins, I would like to work somewhere like Sinai Grace Hospital. They are both very good hospitals, but in honesty Sinai Grace kind of has a bad reputation. What I mean by that is, most people expect the hospital to be ghetto or unprofessional. From my experience, that’s far from the truth. Sinai Grace is an excellent hospital and the staff is very caring, patient focused, and warmhearted. The doctors and nurses really care about their patients and make a positive impact on them. With my degree, I’ll be able to be like one of the nurses in Sinai that makes a big difference in a person’s life. I will be a positive influence on others around me and be very passionate about my job. My patients will know that I care about them personally, even after they are heeled. 

My degree in Nursing will help me, help others. By helping others, I will be improving the health care within my community, which then would improve the health care in the state of Michigan. I will also be able to give back to organizations, help out families in need, and make others happy at them same time. I will be able to use my life as a testimony. There are a lot of young adults who don’t believe they’re able to achieve their goals, but it’s possible. I will able to talk to others and motivate them to believe they can become anything they want; all it takes is dedication and hard work. I’ll have my hard earned Bachelor’s degree in Nursing to prove it.