Chelsea C.


In an era when technology is becoming second nature to children and adults by way of toys, games, computers, and telephones, why shouldn't we turn technological pleasures into technology employment? My goal is to use technology and software development to build human capital (productive citizens) for Michigan.

With a computer engineering degree, I, Chelsea Carter, will create a non-profit foundation in Michigan entitled, Futuristic Innovators to increase interests in science, technology, engineering, and math by exposing students to software development, and biomedical and robotic engineering experimentation. A student is any person who is intellectually curious about technology and software development.

For starters, I will partner with local business owners, leaders, students, teachers, scientists, colleges, city of Detroit, the state of Michigan, suburban officials, banks, the automotive industry, Focus: HOPE, and others, for their guidance, their volunteerism, and/or their funding. Belle Isle will become a learning epicenter as students, teachers, and scientists study via field trips, Skype, online classes, etc. to create software that will teach and train students in preparation for taking Michigan to the next level. 

On Saturdays from 8 AM to 3 PM, one will find students learning the basics of computer language such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and others. After mastery, students will be able to see their finished products when submitting apps to App Store by Apple, Inc. Their submitting the apps will allow them to download their own games and academic creations. The foundation's technology will be able to do the same.

There is no question that having students solve math and science problems using the cars and road measurements used during the Detroit Grand Prix would quadruple their interests in math and science. To that add, having them create the software to learn the principles of science and math that take place during the Grand Prix, would increase their interests exponentially. An excited 10-year-old could start creating concept cars for the North American International Auto Show far earlier than ever imagined!

With software, students would design and redesign housing in Michigan to meet today's and tomorrow's challenges. They would create from an Eco-friendly perspective often viewing online, selected houses to study. Some students would work on redesigning neighborhoods: adding bike trails, futuristic bus stops, and dog parks.

On January 22, 2015, an online article discussed one of the most innovative breakthroughs to be funded by the Gates Foundation, the "Omni Processor," a low-cost waste-treatment plant in Africa that can turn sewage into clean drinking water. The state of Michigan is looking for answers "to clean up contaminated water." Adding to a quote by Bill Gates, I think, "Using software, we can process sewage very inexpensively to improve the quality of Michigan's contaminated water pretty dramatically." These are just a few of my ideas for my foundation.

Finally, I will give a completion test to encourage each student to qualify for a software certificate. In so doing, I will have used my computer engineering degree to improve Michigan.