Chasity H.


To start with, my career will be staying in Michigan along with me. I want to help the children of Michigan, the foster children to be exact. I am looking to peruse a career in Art therapy, and eventually work my way back to a foster agency and specialize in working with kids who are in the system. Being that I was one of those kids, I know firsthand how it goes. These children may not be able to change what happened in their past but they can change what can come of their futures. I want to be able to help them with that positive change. My degree in Art therapy will allow me to do so by giving me opportunity to work with those who are dealing with a multitude of problems due to the hand they were dealt in life. I need to be there so they can deal with it in a non-destructive manor, whether it be drawing, painting, sculpting, or creating something. I want to better Michigan, starting with its children. Being an Art Therapist will allow me to help mold the minds of these children for they are Michigan’s future and IT IS BRIGHT!