Charda W.

Helping my Community

Hello I am Dr. Williams and I am your doctor who will perform the procedure today. The day I am able to state that sentence in one of Michigan’s hospital would put me one step closer to my bigger dream. Until then I’m a highly motivated Southfield High School student working her way up to that dream. Along the way there have been many influences in my life. Therefore my major in college will be neuroscience, however I will not stop there I plan giving back to my community.

Choosing neuroscience as my major is just the first step; my career plan is to go onto medical school. As I plan to go to college out of state to Mount St. Joseph University, however I will return to Michigan for medical school. After completing medical school my area of concentration will be focused on kids with disabilities. The driving force behind that is my fifteen year old sister with a spinal cord injury. I have a vision of a recreational place for the kids to escape from their setbacks and go to a place where anything is possible with activities, games, and inspirational speakers. Whether if it’s just a day or more I want the kid to return home inspired. My motivation, devotion and faith that are instilled in me will allow all of my dreams and aspiration to become reality. My dreams are big and it will take time as I know. Therefore I try to get a kick start by being very involved at school and in my community.

Instead of having satisfaction with the one neuroscience degree and I want to further that to have more possibilities. As a very active person I would like to take part in more than one project and complete them of course with help for the benefit of Michigan. In addition to improving the medical field of neuroscience and programs offered to children with disabilities.