Carlie C.

Everyone that I know and love is here in Michigan. Michigan is my birth place and my parents birth place. It is my goal to receive my bachelor’s degree in English literature with a minor in Chinese and international law. I then plan to receive my law degree focusing on the entertainment business. My ultimate goal is to assist in bringing Hollywood or the international holly-woods to Michigan. I love the show business atmosphere. I find it fascinating to see film companies use our state for background shoots. The state of Michigan has so much scenery and talent to offer to the world of show business. Not only is it good for the film industry to use our beautiful state but at the same time it helps our economy. I have seen the downtown real estate explode and there is so much potential in our beautiful waterfronts. I want to be a part of this growth. My ultimate goal is to become an international lawyer in the business world and assist with bringing international investments to our state. With a minor degree in the Chinese language I plan to have a relationship with the Asian business world. As a liaison between one or more Asian cultures I hope to serve as an ambassador between our state and other countries. Although I plan to travel throughout the United States, it is my intention to always have a home in Michigan.