Brianna J.

I aspire to become a specialized chiropractor and own my own chiropractic business. I have been interested in becoming a chiropractor for about two years now. I feel that becoming a chiropractor is the best career for me because I have a strong interest in anatomy and physiology, I love learning about the body region, bones, joints, cavities, tissues and their functions. My parents always told me to have a career that you can look forward to everyday and I am certain that I will enjoy helping others with their back pains and see the happy looks and joy in one’s eyes because they are relived from their back problems.

Every day we are offered a chance to impact and help our community, and it’s our choice to decide whether or not we will make a difference within our community. As of now, I can only do small things within my community like help younger students, feed the homeless and volunteer my time. But, once I become a chiropractor I would be able to do so much more than I already do such as give back to my community, sponsor different scholarships/projects, mentor younger children, give out care packages, give blood, and donate to charities. All of these things would make such a difference in any community especially in various communities in Michigan. 

All I ever hear is bad talk about Michigan and how people are constantly moving to other states because they are tired of the conditions here in Michigan. Michigan will never get better if we don’t have strong, independent and charismatic people to come back and help after they have made it. I am a firm believer in helping others, because along the way you will have had to have some help in order to be able to truly say, “I made it.” I would love to be able to help Michigan communities once I make it so I am able to help younger children succeed just as I know I will.