Autumn W.

Teachers are the way to shape the world. without them we wouldn’t be here today filling out this scholarship. That’s why I am going to college to become a special education teacher (concentration in cognitive impairment) and a history teacher. I want to be the inspiration to my students to go on to college. Education is something that is very rewarding that can help people out of bad situations. Michigan will have a lot of benefits with my degree. 

For people that only visited michigan , would say it is very flat, filled full of potholes and that we call it pop not soda but I see it as something much more. Most of us see Washington DC has a historical birthplace but I see michigan as a historical starting ground. That is part of the reason I want to be a history teacher in the state. With learning history we realize that we are often following the footprints of past generations, what we have been trying to avoid. Hopefully being a history teacher we can fix this problem. Michigan has so much history that just gets overlooked. Like did you know Henry Ford modernized the “weekend” by giving his workers two days off, after five long days at work. History is something that we have to understand so we don’t make the same mistakes again or we may not be around to see how it plays out. 

When I am done getting a bachelor's degree in special education, I can help students that learn different than you and me. Being a special education teacher it combines my two passions in life, helping people and learning. In special education you have be patience , caring, persistent , responsible and sweet all qualities I believe I have. Special education is also very self rewarding seeing someone succeed that no one thought they would. It hard to admit to myself but I went through special education classes till seventh grade. So I saw on how important a good teacher is to succeed, and how the hands on help made me who I am today. Special education needs people to spend more time with the students that some schools couldn’t proved, that is how I can help. My mom taught me on how important good communication is between teachers and parents about how they can both help the student to succeed.  

With growing up in the united states , I learned how important education is, that education is a privilege we shouldn’t take d. In some countries and cases education is the only way out of their situations. In the state of Michigan we are all the time hearing about how the educational field is going down but we will need to expand on what we learn. Michigan will be always in need of teachers that love what they do and I will accept this challenge.