Ariana M.


I like to think of myself as an innovator in all aspects of the word. I want to change the way the world thinks with what I create as an artist, engineer, and a writer. There are too many social issues that are not being addressed such as feminism, racism, and sexism. Many like to pretend issues such as these don't exist in the modern world. If a person doesn't fight injustice, then they are part of the problem. I am a problem solver, therefore, I choose to pursue a career in chemical engineering.

Regarding Michigan, I know that I'll make a magnificent impact because I want to work toward providing an affordable and efficient clean energy source for all of its citizens. Gas is too expensive and the U.S should be making alternative fuels one of it's top concerns. Therefore, I'll be making it my own priority. I believe hydrogen, earth's most abundant element, is the best way to power cars and homes. Because Michigan houses the Motor City, we should have the advantage over other states. I hope to one day successfully transfer everyone from gas cars, to a more environmentally friendly vehicle. Humans are destroying the earth by polluting the air, land, and water. The things we use everyday should be fueled by clean and renewable resources such as hydroelectricity, solar energy, wind energy, and natural gases. We would then no longer be dependent on petroleum imports from the Eastern countries. I plan to make clean energy reliable and affordable.

As for the writer and artistic aspect of my degree, I plan to make smaller voices heard over the loud yet inaccurate ones. There is no reason women should make any less than a man would when they work just as hard if not harder. Oppressed people's voices shall be heard and change will be manifest. There is no such thing as a voice too small or a dream too big.

Chemical engineering is a growing field throughout the United States and the world. The majority of the subject's scholars are men. Very few are women, let alone women of color. Diversity in engineering is crucial to the future of America. Varying cultures bring extraordinary innovation and new ideas into existence, with different minds collaborating. I love being creative and applying knowledge to make an idea into something tangible. Regardless of how difficult math and science can be, it rejuvenates me when life becomes repetitive. Perhaps not at the time it's happening, I love to be challenged. However, when I've successfully accomplished a difficult task, I feel an intense sensation of pride. This applies to all aspects of my life- art, sports, and the rigorous academics of advanced placement courses. With this, I conclude why my future will lead to a better tomorrow. I know that it's my responsibility to make a difference in the world instead of just waiting for change. I must be the change.