Anushka M.


I plan on receiving a dual degree in Computer Science and Business, as they are fields that I believe can be used as powerful tools of influence which I will use to help change Michigan. I believe that coding will be the new literacy. Additionally, business skills are invaluable to have. The youth of today will mold the future of America tomorrow, and for this reason I think that everyone should have the opportunity to be fluent in coding and skilled in business, and I will use my education to achieve this dream. 

Coding is a language all on its own but it is unique in the fact that it is global, making it extremely powerful. Coding runs the world: our favorite apps all the way to our favorite cars. It allows humans to more fully take control of the world around them and to make leaps and bounds in societal progression that we once could only have dreamed of. Those who can code are the builders of our future, and the more of them we have, the brighter our future will be. 

Business is a skill that is not as new but still incredibly important. It allows us to negotiate and compromise. It allows us to demand more from society and improve it at the same time. This field of study requires excellence in decision making and leadership, which are great skills to learn for everyone.

I want to use my degree to change Michigan and make it better by teaching free courses and workshops across the state in basic coding technique and business skills. Websites such as inspire me to instruct, and I want to work in parallel to these types of movements. My programs would teach public, private, and charter schools in order to reach every type of student to make sure they all start out on top when they look for careers. 

Not only do I want to teach students: I want to make visiting women’s shelters a significant part of my agenda. As both a minority and a female, I am a rare demographic in both the computer science field and the business field, but I want these groups to grow in number. Teaching more woman how to code will open up more job opportunities to them in the STEM field, or, any field really: coding is always a great skill to have. Teaching business skills will prove invaluable as well.

Most programmers tend to move to California in the Silicon Valley or decide to live in New York City. I, however, plan on living in Michigan. I want to stay here and create projects that will help change society, and influence others to do the same. I love the state that I was born in and hope that others will see it’s true value as well and will want to contribute to it’s success. Maybe one day the new technology hub will be Detroit, Michigan.