Antonia C.

Growing up in Michigan is something that I take pride in, when I visit other states or other cities people are shocked when I say I am from Detroit, Michigan. Not only am I from Michigan I am a young African-American female, and when I meet other people that are not from Michigan they all wonder how I turned out so well, because of the many, negative news the media betray about Michigan. Living in this amazing state has provided me with tons of amazing opportunities. When I look back on how I grew up, I can’t imagine growing up anywhere else. I grew up going to the African-American Museum, Michigan Science Center, Detroit Institute of Arts, Public Libraries, 

Frankenmuth, Sleeping Bear Dunes, Michigan’s Adventure, Metro Beach, Belle Isle Island and many more of Michigan’s treasures. I have also had the honor to participate in the following programs Detroit Area Pre-College Engineering Program (DAPCEP), EcoTek Labs, Gaining Option-Girls Investigate Real Life (GO-Girls), Camp Burt Shurly, Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, and Camp Tamarack, to name a few. Every single opportunity that I took advantage of was because I live in the great state of Michigan. I am very proud to be a Michigander.

I am so grateful for all that Michigan has given me and for being my home state for the past 17 years. I plan to remain in Michigan for college and attend Michigan Technological University (Michigan Tech) this fall to study biomedical engineering, so I can achieve my goal of becoming a Prosthetic Engineer. I am determined to succeed and become successful so I can give back to Michigan as much as she has given me. I would like to open an office for prosthetics here in Michigan and have science-based programs like DAPCEP, Go-Girls and EcoTek Labs available to interested students and people. I will share with people my world of prosthetics and gift them with the knowledge of biomedical engineering. For 17 years, Michigan has been my home and has provided me with amazing experiences and opportunities, I will return the favor and will provide Michigan financial support and educational opportunities as I had growing up in this amazing state because, I AM Pure Michigan!