Angelo D.

If we see something that can be improved, we should do our best to improve it. This is the thought that rings through my head every morning that I drive down 7 mile on my way to school. Where some may see abandoned buildings and graffiti, I see potential. This does, of course beg the question of how we might access this potential. After attending high school in the city of Detroit for the past four years, I have become certain that Michigan needs not only forward thinkers with excellent degrees but also practical workers who assist the community every step of the way.

This is where my future degree comes in. I intend to pursue a degree in business marketing at University of Detroit Mercy. Needless to say, there are several fantastic looking business schools in the state of Michigan. The thing about U of D Mercy that really captured my attention was its focus on service learning. Service learning is basically when regular classroom instruction meets meaningful community service. This type of education will allow me to participate in programs that will assist and improve the community in a practical, everyday manner even before I receive my degree. In addition to my promise of improving Michigan upon the receipt of my degree, I can offer an immediate guarantee of my service towards the community right away. The service opportunities range from usual opportunities such as tutoring young children to more complex opportunities such as providing free income tax assistance to families in need.

Marketing plays a vital role in any business. The ability of a business to enlighten a potential consumer about their product or service directly correlates with their ability to succeed. It is because marketing plays such a large role in any business, big or small, that I want to stake my future on it.

I want to be a part of the Michigan that is not only full of prospering businesses but also full of people fully devoted to reaching out to those in need. I desire to be a leading example for this type of life. With this scholarship, that dream would become all the more attainable.