Angelica E.


My degree will help me improve the state of Michigan because my career field will help better my community. I plan to go to Michigan State University and major in journalism. My career goal is to work at the Detroit Free Press as a columnist and grow from there. I want to be the African American, female version of my inspiration Mitch Albom.

Getting my bachelor's degree in journalism will allow me to have the opportunity to bring positive light to the city of Detroit and give Michigan a better look. I need my bachelor's degree in order to even apply for a job in my career field. 

I hope my writing gives people something to think about and something remember me by.

My goal in life is to become one of the greatest journalists of my generation, and work for a well-known newspaper company. I want people to love my writing and learn from my experiences. I want them to want to read my work and love what I have to say. 

My plan is to start off as a columnist for the Detroit Free Press. I love writing and giving my opinion on things, and being able to do that every day, and get paid for it would be a dream come true. Eventually, I want to go into writing books. I want to be a well-known journalist, inspire people, and change the world with my words.

I already have the experience needed to work at the Detroit Free Press from working there last summer as an apprentice. 

My diploma will help enrich news for my city and the state of Michigan. People from all over Michigan read the Detroit Free Press. People from all over the country read the Detroit Free Press, and being a reporter for this publication would help give Detroit and Michigan and great look. As a reporter, I'd talk about the positive vibe in the city of Detroit that the country doesn't get a chance to see. Doing that give Michigan an overall better look.

Writing for this newspaper publication will help me better my city by helping get the latest news and information to my community.