Andrew M.


I plan to get a Business/Accounting degree and hope to work for one of the greatest cities in one of the greatest states in our nation. My degree will give me the financial knowledge needed to help Detroit and Michigan keep its finances in order. I already have the passion. The reason I would like to see this change is because without a great city you cannot have a great state. Walt Whitman once said, “A great city is that which has the greatest men and women.” After I graduate, I want to live, work and be a part of the success and rebirth of Detroit and Michigan.

After some hard times, things seem to be getting much better. With a new mayor and an end to bankruptcy positive change is taking place. Additionally, the downtown area looks vibrant again. Companies and people are moving back. There is energy with the Lions and Tigers playing next to each other and soon the Red Wings will have a new arena where once there was a ghetto.

I have great memories going to sporting events in the city and celebrating with the teams I love. Watching the Red Wings going down the street with the Stanley Cup is a memory I will never forget. Seeing Steve Yzerman going by me holding the cup was priceless. I want more. I hope one day I can also watch the Tigers and Lions make that same trip and celebrate more championships. 

I believe great cities can be rebuilt again. I hope the positive momentum and change will continue. In order to see change, someone first needs to take action and strive towards a goal that people can rally behind. That is the first step in inspiring a change for a better future. Detroit was known for its innovation and new ideas and I know that this something we could bring back. 

Another solution would be to attract new forms of business into the city like the film industry. Everyone knows Detroit for its automotive and industrial industries, but why not have Detroit be known for its unique settings that it would provide for movies. A lot of movies are made in big cities like Chicago, Hollywood, and New York, but Detroit could be the next big place for movies and films to take place if we, the people, allow it. My business degree can help make this dream a reality. By trying new things we open up doors we never knew were there and doing things we never thought possible. All we need to do is take action and not be afraid to do something new. After all, success is not possible unless you put forth the effort. This is what I believe and I hope one day I can be a part of.