Andre B.


Giving Back 

Improvement is always a great thing; it is what keeps things going for many generations. I have aspirations of earning a degree in pharmaceutical science after high school. My degree can help improve the state of Michigan by providing medicine to those in need and ensuring that patients do not take medicines that could cause a negative reaction. Therefore keeping the residents of the state healthy and working to sustain a growing economy. While doing these things, I can also mentor younger people.  

With my degree, I can strive to create new medicines that will work faster and help heal the sick residents of Michigan. I can create medicines that will be cost efficient so everyone can afford the proper medication they need. This will improve Michigan by having healthier residents which will result in healthy workers. If more people are working, it will benefit the economy. Further, I can also be an educator to the residents that come into the pharmacy and teach them the proper way to take their medication. As I develop a new world of medicines throughout my career, it will have a direct impact on the residents of our state and economy.

Going back into the community when you attain a level of success is the best way to prepare the next generation. Mentoring younger children can help improve the state because change can happen from the ground up. In the future when I earn my degree, I will continue to work in the community and encourage the youth to do well in school and stay away from negative influences. Education is the key to success. By encouraging them, I hope that they would receive a degree and try to improve their community also.

Sometimes we all can take a little part in improving where we live. It could be something small such as picking up trash or donating your time to a charity. My way of improvement is to help the sick residents of Michigan, and mentor the youth. I know this is only a small act, but every little bit helps.