Amy W.

The mitten has taken on a couple holes, actually more than that. Michigan, the mitten, has taken many economic hits. Since then, the task of stitching up the mitten fell to its wearers, the people of Michigan. 

As the next generation grows to help, their education is crucial to learn and identify with the mistakes and successes of their elders. A full education is needed to enhance critical thinking and expand the realm outside of what is used now. It is these innovative thinkers Michigan needs to take the lead.

I believe am I one of these thinkers. Creative Writing, the field I will study, is one of the several fields that can stich the holes. By learning to tell unique ways of viewing the world through several forms of writing and becoming a successful writer, I might be able to bring attention to the wonders of Michigan or the phenomenally talented individuals that are Michigan born and raised. “A Michigan native…” would be on my profile. My work would bring smiles and deep conversations around the dinner table. There is no countable way to add up the numerous amounts of people that will be touched by my written word, because their interest will go onto their place of work, to their collages, and to the collage’s home.

Michigan is my state, and I am going to take up my degree and go out into the world as a proud Michigander. With my degree, I am going to stich up the mitten.