Ambrielle B.


After high school, I plan to attend Michigan State University, major in Business Management and a minor in Psychology. This would help me attain knowledge of management and would enlighten me about social behaviors. This will begin to pave the way for me to create an organization to benefit teen mothers. I would like for them to have a place where they could go to be supported and enriched.

Across the State of Michigan and the United States, teen pregnancy is a growing problem. Because I have a heart for teens, I would like to create an organization that provides a place for teen mothers to go and feel love, accepted and not judged and other support services. I believe if I could help them to change how they view education and success; it would make a huge difference. I would encourage them to pursue their education, work hard, set goals and strive for success. I believe it is important they understand that education, success and independence can be realized by anyone who is unwavering, willing to put forth the effort and stay the course, no matter how many challenges encountered. I would partner with other individuals that would assist with tutoring and technological training. I would also partner with various organizations that would be willing to provide mentoring. This is important because it would expose the teens to successful women who have pursued and established themselves in a career. I believe teens could be impacted and empowered by positive role-models, who are willing to be good listeners, awesome motivators and a constant support.

By creating this organization, the State of Michigan would also benefit. It would shrink the unemployment rate by hiring a team of people and increase the tax base. It would help to decrease the number of teen mothers depending on State Assistance, which provides for their children, by saving tax dollars. It would also open the door for the mothers to produce revenue by becoming financially independent and contributing to paying state taxes. Ultimately, the mothers would become positive examples for their children to model, share the lessons learned through my organization and set their off-spring on a path to success.