Amber T.

The most despairing thing is to get a call from the hospital and they tell you that your beloved family member has passed away due to the complications of cancer. I have experienced this on too many accounts. Cancer is a gruesome tunnel of darkness and desperation for the patients and their families. As an Oncology Nurse I would like to be that light that helps cancer patients threw the rigorous process of fighting off this awful disease.
As for Michigan, The death toll in Wayne County alone has risen 1.8% in the past year according to Michigan Cancer Crisis Association. My degree will improve the comfort and well-being of cancer patients in the state of Michigan. My determination to my occupation will ensure that citizens are educated about their health and what changes they should make to their daily food regimen. 

A patient’s overall thought process on their disease will make them feel powerless and alone; my energy and strength to fight this disease will let the patient understand that I am here fighting with them.

Growing up in Michigan; more specifically, Detroit, Michigan I've witnessed substandard health services for years as I volunteered in a number of Downtown, Detroit hospitals and nursing homes. In fact, Michigan Nursing Home Firms are being sued 38 million dollars for bad-care claims according to The Detroit Times. Michigan needs dedicated and sympathetic medical personnel to recover the spirit of our state . This will cultivate our Michigan Health Departments by providing a better quality of health services. Having a positive workforce will guarantee that our Michigan patients will get the best professional care possible. 

Healthcare affects the economy when health insurance rises and pulls money out of thousands of paychecks every year; this causes the economy to be imbalanced. By having a hard working and positive workforce, we can lower health insurance cost. Teaching Michigan teens how to eat healthier will also improve Michigan’s economy, this means that there will be less hospital visits and more prevention of most cancers caused by your daily diet. By giving our youth the knowledge on how to take care of their selves mentally, physically and emotionally ensures that Michigan’s future will be bright one. 

Being an Oncology Nurse will mean so much, the ability to help people is perhaps one of the biggest motivators for me. As a nurse you get to touch the heart of people at their lowest; and to help restore their health is a reward in itself.