Alyssa S.

If you have health, you have hope, and if you have hope anything is possible. The progress of Michigan depends so much upon the health of the people within this state. Every one of us is impacted by health. With a history of diabetes and heart disease in my own family, I have a personal interest in promoting good health. As I pursue a career in nursing, I can be instrumental in promoting a healthier Michigan as well.

Unfortunately, Michigan is ranked 34th in overall health status in the nation. Our lifestyle choices, contributing to the high rate of obesity, diabetes and heart disease, are keeping us from living a full life, causing loss of productivity and increasing our healthcare costs. The rise in childhood obesity and diabetes is even more alarming. To get to the root of the problem, healthy lifestyle behavior needs to start with our kids. Promoting good health habits at a young age is much easier than changing bad health habits once they have been established. My education will enable me to develop programs that can break the cycle of poor lifestyle habits that lead to the chronic disease that burdens our state.  

Pursuing my education in the Nurse Scholar Program at Michigan State University will enable me to give back to my Michigan community in so many ways. As a nurse, I will be instrumental in promoting a healthier population which in turn will become a more productive population. In the words of Governor Rick Snyder, “To build a stronger Michigan, we must build a healthier Michigan.” By impacting the health of our state I can be a driving force for positive change and hope for this great state.