Alona M.

There comes a time where one has to sit down and ponder on what they really want to do for a living. They have to determine what really excites them; what ignites a fire-burning passion within them. Choosing a career can be one of the most perplexing choices a person will have to make in their lifetime, and with choosing a career comes choosing a degree. There are several factors to consider when choosing a degree, but I think the most important one is what improvements it may bring to themselves and those around them. The career that I wish to pursue is to be a Registered Nurse, which can be acquired with the Bachelors in Science of Nursing degree. A nursing degree will offer a great value to the community; nurses are primarily responsible for instructing health education on the prevention of diseases and other illness in an effort to improve community well-being. They are not only passionate about taking care of other human beings and making a difference in their lives, but strive to make a difference in their facilities, communities, and professional organizations.

In Michigan, as well as in the rest of the country, the medical field is always looking for new professionals to take care of the needy. Especially since the baby boomers are approaching retirement age, the face of the United States healthcare system is being drastically changed, mainly due to the additional medical requirements, and more nurses are required to care for these citizens. Nurses are the backbone of patient treatment; they administer the medications, monitor hygiene, acquire vital signs, and are accountable for making the doctor aware of any differences in the patient’s care that may require attention. Caring for an individual’s health not only provides them with comfort, safety, and wellbeing but also improves their perspective of the world.

The quality of nursing care is vital to Michigan’s community because it has a huge impact on a patient's recovery, and a nursing degree is behind all this. A nursing degree offers social skills, critical thinking skills, and versatility that would allow nurses to positively affect patients and their care, ultimately bettering the medical care in the state of Michigan. This improved medical care will lead to happier and healthier citizens, who can go on to benefit their communities financially and socially.