Alana M.


Politicians, entrepreneurs,and leaders all try to shape and help Michigan improve. I believe that the future of Michigan lies within its children. The degree I will pursue when I go to college is in physical therapy. I would like to specialize in children’s therapy.

I have personally seen the benefits of physical therapy in my own family through my little brother who has special needs. Doctors told our mother he may never walk or talk when he was born. With the help of many physical therapists he is walking, running, and even playing sports. Our families life has been changed forever by hard working physical therapist. I would love someday to become a physical therapist and have the opportunity to change other children’s lives.

When a person has to go through physical therapy they are required to put forth a great deal of hard work and time. This can teach a child good work habits. Physical therapy can help beyond the physical aspects. It shows a child with hard work he or she can overcome anything they put their heart and mind to.When these children grow up they will be achievers. Our state of Michigan needs hard working individuals with good work habits to help rebuild it to the vibrant strong state it once was.

Physical therapy also requires determination. The family as well as the therapist needs to be determined to set a goal and then work towards it. Progress is often very slow and is measured in very small “steps”. When children grow up with a determination for themselves and life they often become better citizens. Our state of Michigan is making a “turn around” with exciting things happening to our downtown Detroit. With a new generation of determined and challenged citizens this growth will be able to continue and increase.

Even though my little brother has had twelve major surgeries and has many operations yet to come, physical therapy has made him a stronger and more determined person. By becoming a physical therapist and specializing in children I will be helping children someday accomplish their dreams. As these children accomplish their dreams they will improve Michigan in many unforeseen ways. I am very thankful for the therapist who shaped my brother’s life. My goal and dream in life is to become a therapist so that I can inspire children and their families. These children and families will in turn contribute to the growth and improvement of Michigan.