Ajenae M.


Motivation: “...the process that initiates, guides, and maintains goal oriented behaviors” (phycology.about.com 1). My name is Ajenae McGill, and I am a striving twelfth grader. I can actually say I think I have changed what I wanted to do in the future about two thousand times. I first wanted to be a Pastry Chef, a lawyer, a therapist, and probably tons more! I, now, have successfully figured out what I want to be: A physical therapist or a pediatrician. These two professions are the ones I've been serious about these two picks for a long time. It seems like it’s something is so right about these two picks. I’m here to tell about my journey, my future, and how these degrees can help the state of Michigan.

This summer, I landed my first job at a daycare named Bayberry Building Blocks. I loved that job in-and-out! The reason I bring this up is because, this job is where I discovered I want to work with children. At the time, I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do with kids. Then I asked myself, “Ajenae, what would be the most effective?, and “What will make you the most happiest?” And I realized, I want to work in the medical field! I can have the best of both worlds; I can help children feel better and have the joy of their presence! That’s what made me sure of these jobs. I knew I would want to come to work everyday. I knew it wouldn’t be a “job” but a career. In my eyes, a job is work you’re obligated to do; A career is something you enjoy doing.

Now, I know you’re asking yourself, ”Ajenae, how would your degree improve Michigan?” Great question; My degree will save the young lives of Michigan. A doctor is always needed, in any state for that matter. With this degree, I can become a great doctor! Me, being a great doctor, will help even more children in this state. More children can survive possibly because of me, another fantastic doctor. I won’t be just one more “regular” pediatrician or physical therapist, my personality will shine through my work everyday. My patients will love me! I think they’ll love me at least; The children at the daycare really loved me. Also, a doctor is always in demand, so after school I will certainly get a job. That’s something I’ve always worried about. I don’t want to have a degree that I can do nothing with. When I graduate, I want to hit the ground running. While running, I know I’ll enjoy that race.