Aaron S.

Upon Receiving my nursing degree I could help the State of Michigan by improving the health and wellness of Michigan citizens, contributing to the economy and by bringing my knowledge and energy to the blossoming field of medicine.  

As the Latin saying goes "Men sana incorpore sano," a sound mind in a sound body, means to me that health is the foundation upon which you can build a prosperous life, for an individual, community and state.  

As a nurse I will help improve the quality of life by delivering personalized care to patients, but also educating patients regarding disease processes as well as preventative measures to avoid illness. Health awareness enables individuals to improve their quality of life by making intelligent lifestyle choices.

A strong health care workforce is essential in Michigan because as a state it has higher rates of obesity and type 2 diabetes. The nursing profession plays a vital role in decreasing overall health care costs, especially through preventative care and educational outreach programs, which benefits the state's economy. It helps the economy by reducing lost days of work, creating a happier and more productive workforce, and decreasing insurance costs. Nursing is also a vital part of a growing sector of the economy, by pursuiing a job in nursing I will be able to become a part of a workforce that is in high demand in Michigan. According to the Michigan Health Council, more than 40% of all Michigan nurses plan on retiring in the next 10 years. This level of demand will allow me the opportunity to stay in Michigan, rather than having to relocate to find a job as many other new graduates are forced to do, which will supply more tax money and revenue to the state. Being able to remain in Michigan is important to me because I was born and raised here, and would be proud to raise a family here and allow future generations of my family the privilege of experiencing Michigan.

Being a nurse is important to me, as it will allow me to bring fresh ideas and innovation to a fast growing and vital profession. As a nurse I will have the ability to care for people share my compassion and love for medicine with the patients I am able to care for.

I look forward to being a part of the resurgence of Michigan by becoming a nurse. This will allow me to help people, the state, and bring fulfillment to my life.