Amber T.

The most despairing thing is to get a call from the hospital and they tell you that your beloved family member has passed away due to the complications of cancer. I have experienced this on too many accounts. Cancer is a gruesome tunnel of darkness and desperation for the patients and their families. As an Oncology Nurse I would like to be that light that helps cancer patients threw the rigorous process of fighting off this awful disease.
As for Michigan, The death toll in Wayne County alone has risen 1.8% in the past year according to Michigan Cancer Crisis Association. My degree will improve the comfort and well-being of cancer patients in the state of Michigan. My determination to my occupation will ensure that citizens are educated about their health and what changes they should make to their daily food regimen. 

A patient’s overall thought process on their disease will make them feel powerless and alone; my energy and strength to fight this disease will let the patient understand that I am here fighting with them.

Growing up in Michigan; more specifically, Detroit, Michigan I've witnessed substandard health services for years as I volunteered in a number of Downtown, Detroit hospitals and nursing homes. In fact, Michigan Nursing Home Firms are being sued 38 million dollars for bad-care claims according to The Detroit Times. Michigan needs dedicated and sympathetic medical personnel to recover the spirit of our state . This will cultivate our Michigan Health Departments by providing a better quality of health services. Having a positive workforce will guarantee that our Michigan patients will get the best professional care possible. 

Healthcare affects the economy when health insurance rises and pulls money out of thousands of paychecks every year; this causes the economy to be imbalanced. By having a hard working and positive workforce, we can lower health insurance cost. Teaching Michigan teens how to eat healthier will also improve Michigan’s economy, this means that there will be less hospital visits and more prevention of most cancers caused by your daily diet. By giving our youth the knowledge on how to take care of their selves mentally, physically and emotionally ensures that Michigan’s future will be bright one. 

Being an Oncology Nurse will mean so much, the ability to help people is perhaps one of the biggest motivators for me. As a nurse you get to touch the heart of people at their lowest; and to help restore their health is a reward in itself.

Marcus L.

Obtaining a degree would mean everything to me. Not only it would accredit me, but also the state of Michigan by showing a youthful generation that anything in life is possible. Its personally hard to me to speak on the behalf of the whole state of Michigan but I can speak on one of its highlighted cities.  

Usually an individual is determined to become rich are acquire something that is tangible. I feel no need to do either. I don’t have to be rich are have the biggest house are the best car, I would just be happy with having a career. I feel though my main purpose on this earth is to help others, especially the youth. The youth is the key to success. One of the main things that cripple Detroit is the lack of positive influence on the Detroit Michigan youth population . My degree would help the state of Michigan by giving inner Detroit youth a proposition that "if i can do it, you can do it ten times better" . Having that successful role model will show kids that its other options than being athlete are a rapper. Having that role model there could show them that its wonderful jobs and careers. This could aid them and the community around them. Everyone is born with an open mind; it’s what you put in there that makes the difference. I feel as though my main purpose is to be that role model and someone to look up to, inspiring one kid at a time. Having a degree would be the blue print to this elaborate project of making the inner youth thrive in life. In turn, this could decrease the crime in Michigan, boost the economy do to contributions of all classes and improve the states name. I believe in the principle of if you advance forward one step, you help the person behind you advance also. Living in a city where allot of people have seemed to lost their purpose , I feel as though the only way someone can truly make it is by working together. Thank you.

Brianna J.

I aspire to become a specialized chiropractor and own my own chiropractic business. I have been interested in becoming a chiropractor for about two years now. I feel that becoming a chiropractor is the best career for me because I have a strong interest in anatomy and physiology, I love learning about the body region, bones, joints, cavities, tissues and their functions. My parents always told me to have a career that you can look forward to everyday and I am certain that I will enjoy helping others with their back pains and see the happy looks and joy in one’s eyes because they are relived from their back problems.

Every day we are offered a chance to impact and help our community, and it’s our choice to decide whether or not we will make a difference within our community. As of now, I can only do small things within my community like help younger students, feed the homeless and volunteer my time. But, once I become a chiropractor I would be able to do so much more than I already do such as give back to my community, sponsor different scholarships/projects, mentor younger children, give out care packages, give blood, and donate to charities. All of these things would make such a difference in any community especially in various communities in Michigan. 

All I ever hear is bad talk about Michigan and how people are constantly moving to other states because they are tired of the conditions here in Michigan. Michigan will never get better if we don’t have strong, independent and charismatic people to come back and help after they have made it. I am a firm believer in helping others, because along the way you will have had to have some help in order to be able to truly say, “I made it.” I would love to be able to help Michigan communities once I make it so I am able to help younger children succeed just as I know I will.

Antonia C.

Growing up in Michigan is something that I take pride in, when I visit other states or other cities people are shocked when I say I am from Detroit, Michigan. Not only am I from Michigan I am a young African-American female, and when I meet other people that are not from Michigan they all wonder how I turned out so well, because of the many, negative news the media betray about Michigan. Living in this amazing state has provided me with tons of amazing opportunities. When I look back on how I grew up, I can’t imagine growing up anywhere else. I grew up going to the African-American Museum, Michigan Science Center, Detroit Institute of Arts, Public Libraries, 

Frankenmuth, Sleeping Bear Dunes, Michigan’s Adventure, Metro Beach, Belle Isle Island and many more of Michigan’s treasures. I have also had the honor to participate in the following programs Detroit Area Pre-College Engineering Program (DAPCEP), EcoTek Labs, Gaining Option-Girls Investigate Real Life (GO-Girls), Camp Burt Shurly, Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, and Camp Tamarack, to name a few. Every single opportunity that I took advantage of was because I live in the great state of Michigan. I am very proud to be a Michigander.

I am so grateful for all that Michigan has given me and for being my home state for the past 17 years. I plan to remain in Michigan for college and attend Michigan Technological University (Michigan Tech) this fall to study biomedical engineering, so I can achieve my goal of becoming a Prosthetic Engineer. I am determined to succeed and become successful so I can give back to Michigan as much as she has given me. I would like to open an office for prosthetics here in Michigan and have science-based programs like DAPCEP, Go-Girls and EcoTek Labs available to interested students and people. I will share with people my world of prosthetics and gift them with the knowledge of biomedical engineering. For 17 years, Michigan has been my home and has provided me with amazing experiences and opportunities, I will return the favor and will provide Michigan financial support and educational opportunities as I had growing up in this amazing state because, I AM Pure Michigan! 

Ambrielle B.


After high school, I plan to attend Michigan State University, major in Business Management and a minor in Psychology. This would help me attain knowledge of management and would enlighten me about social behaviors. This will begin to pave the way for me to create an organization to benefit teen mothers. I would like for them to have a place where they could go to be supported and enriched.

Across the State of Michigan and the United States, teen pregnancy is a growing problem. Because I have a heart for teens, I would like to create an organization that provides a place for teen mothers to go and feel love, accepted and not judged and other support services. I believe if I could help them to change how they view education and success; it would make a huge difference. I would encourage them to pursue their education, work hard, set goals and strive for success. I believe it is important they understand that education, success and independence can be realized by anyone who is unwavering, willing to put forth the effort and stay the course, no matter how many challenges encountered. I would partner with other individuals that would assist with tutoring and technological training. I would also partner with various organizations that would be willing to provide mentoring. This is important because it would expose the teens to successful women who have pursued and established themselves in a career. I believe teens could be impacted and empowered by positive role-models, who are willing to be good listeners, awesome motivators and a constant support.

By creating this organization, the State of Michigan would also benefit. It would shrink the unemployment rate by hiring a team of people and increase the tax base. It would help to decrease the number of teen mothers depending on State Assistance, which provides for their children, by saving tax dollars. It would also open the door for the mothers to produce revenue by becoming financially independent and contributing to paying state taxes. Ultimately, the mothers would become positive examples for their children to model, share the lessons learned through my organization and set their off-spring on a path to success.  

Talynn W.

Last fall I got the incredible opportunity to be a part of a program known as Future DOCs. It is a program under the Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine-Detroit for high school students with a keen interest in the medical field. For 6 weeks I gave up my Saturday mornings to learn something new about the medical world. We learned about Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, life-saving intervention methods, how to create a suture, what goes on in an ambulance, how to operate common medical equipment, and even more. Every Saturday it was something new and exciting. 

This program also allowed current medical students at MSUCOM to be mentors. They would show up ready to support, and they would answer any questions we had. I knew I would be in their shoes in a few years, so I tried to absorb all of their knowledge that I could. Their drive, determination, intellect, open minds, and open hearts truly assured my interest in the medical field. I knew I wanted to be where they were one day, and become a doctor for the rest of my life. 

I plan on pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry at Howard University. Then, I will continue my journey to medical school. I want to come back to Michigan and attend Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine. There I would like pursue a D.O., which is a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine. This is a professional doctoral degree for physicians offered by medical schools in the United States. Osteopathic medicine is a century-old philosophy that cares about people. They diagnose patients by considering the mind, body, and soul. This field is known for the art of caring and the power of touch. 

Although DOs are rare in some places, Osteopathic medicine is the fastest growing medical field in the U.S., according to the U.S. Bureau of Health Professions. It is also becoming very popular in the sports world, especially right here in the city. Both the Detroit Red Wings and Detroit Pistons have teams of doctors that are DOs. 

With my degree I want to touch the hearts and souls of many across Michigan. I want to be a key influence and a helping hand. I want patients to feel comfortable in my presence. Before we can help patients, we must get them to come to the hospital. A major problem I have noticed in my community is the “fear” of hospitals. I want to start programs that spread positive outlooks on hospitals. My dad would suffer and stick out the pain, rather than go to the hospital. We have to change the minds of these people. The medical field grows more advanced every day. Doctors are healing people and saving more lives each day. I want the people in my community to live longer, and to never be ashamed or afraid of going to the hospital.  

Lauren S.

“The difference, what you say you will do and what you actually do.” This quote by George Akomas is the principle for my plan to help the state of Michigan after I earn my college degree. Throughout my educational career, college has always been the option after high school. As a honor roll student, I have always strived to be above average. Everything that I do on a daily basis is a part of my plan for success. I want to motivate other students in the state of Michigan to aim for a higher education after high school. A 4- year college is not the only option of higher education available for students; other options include community college, technical training, and trade school.
I plan to obtain a physician assistant degree from Howard University. It will be a five-year program in the college of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics are majors that are not popular among students. My degree is associated with the STEM field; I want to be a role model and help to encourage students to study in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. “The education and advancement of underrepresented populations in America and the global community.” is the mission statement of academics at Howard University. In the state of Michigan, students studying in the STEM fields have decreased drastically over the past years. I intend on coming back to Detroit during the summers and working with DAPCEP; a non –profit outreach program that assisted me with making my decision to enter the health field, by educating me and giving me hands on experience. 

It is interesting that in the Detroit Public Schools it is rare that you find a nurse and/or medical professional. Many students who are sick go untreated due to the inaccessibility of healthcare unless their parents miss work. My idea is to provide a community service that would allow for Physician Assistants to provide services in schools, churches and other community centers in the state of Michigan. This decentralized method of housing medical professionals throughout the community would all ultimately advance to the major hospitals.The benefit to Michigan is the immediate accessibility to a medical professional would help treat illnesses and limit the number of days students miss school and parents miss work. It would also provide accessibility to the senior community who are most times limited on transportation. A Physician Assistant would also be able to provide education regarding the prevention and treatment of illness and diseases.

“Lips and tongues lie but actions never do. No matter what words are spoken, actions betray the truth of everyone’s heart.” My passion for helping people is in my heart and I plan to portray my passion through my actions. I want to help people all throughout the great state of Michigan and make it a better state to live in.

Kinsley H.


Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to become a doctor. Growing up in a family of preachers and missionaries, service was instilled in me at an early age. Whether it was helping the homeless, taking care of the sick, or simply singing in the choir. I experienced first-hand and connected with the true meaning of being a servant. My dad is a new pastor and being a pastor’s child involves service in many areas, especially since we are just starting to build and grow the church. Being surrounded by servants in ministry on both sides of my family, I wanted to pursue a career that would allow my passion for serving people to be my everyday job. 

In 2003, my grandfather passed away at 79 due to Congestive Heart failure and a few years later my uncle was given the same diagnosis when he was only 43 years old. Thankfully, my uncle is still alive and now well. In 2004, my cousin died at the age of 10 after having his third heart transplant. I want to become a Pediatric Cardiothoracic surgeon and honor my grandfather and cousin’s memories by helping children who struggle with heart problems.

I plan to study Pre-medicine and pursue a Doctorate of Medicine Degree, specializing in Cardiothoracic surgery. I want to experiment with new, innovative technology and help prevent heart diseases before they become detrimental. 

The Michigan Department of Community health says,” Congenital heart defects are the most common group of birth defects, affecting 9 in 1000 newborns. Critical congenital heart diseases (CCHD) are those requiring surgery or catheter intervention in the first year of life. CCHDs remain one of the most significant causes of infant death in the United States.” I want to conduct research to improve the condition of failing hearts; avoiding the need for heart transplants.

The Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery programs at Children's Hospital of Michigan were ranked among the best in U.S. News & World Report's 2014-15 Best Children's Hospitals rankings. Children’s Hospital of Michigan not only provides care for patients, but comfort as well. Children’s Hospital of Michigan says, “experts train physicians in the latest pediatric cardiology and cardiovascular surgery techniques. Currently, researchers are developing remarkable new ways to improve pediatric surgical procedures, including techniques to create cardiovascular tubes and valves from a patient’s own living tissues. If successful, the living-tissue tubes and valves would grow with young patients – eliminating the need for multiple tube-and valve-replacement surgeries.” I believe obtaining my degree can help contribute to the medical field in the state of Michigan; by advancing cardiovascular research at our hospitals, which can help increase our national ranking, with the U.S. News & World Report's 2014-15 Best Children's Hospitals rankings and various other hospital ranking institutions. An increase in ranking can encourage more funds, changing the lives of our children, and in turn making Michigan’s future brighter.

Courtney L.

I plan on becoming a physical therapist. I want to be the support that others truly need. I will help others get their mobility back. I will be the crutch that they can depend on. Most people will look at this type of job as helping others to get better, but I will do so much more than just physically help them. I will be their positive and optimistic outlook on life, which is what they will need. Most people can get depressed and sad when they don’t see themselves improving quickly enough. Similarly to how Michigan has had its ups and downs, I will show people that while they may be down right now, with some determination, compassion, and help, they will be on top in no time! I want to work in Michigan to improve the lives of the people who live here, in my home state. When people are optimistic and happy, their positive attitude will spread among their community too. Michigan is doing pretty well right now with the economy, but I want to help the people who live here to be better. It’s quite simple; when people are happy and they feel good, the place where they live will prosper and be better than ever.

Independence is a huge thing that most of us take for granted; most people don’t know what it feels like to need assistance for everyday activities. When people are restricted with their movement they can feel lost and dependent on everyone for most tasks, regardless of how simple they may appear. Getting back to their regular or better health is a huge jump for those who are struggling with it. Any state could use help, but Michigan is the comeback state that likes to keep everyone on their toes. Instead of keeping everyone on their toes, I want to convey positive attitudes and outcomes to show them that Michigan is back on top and plans to stay there. It seems that we Michiganders don’t have a great reputation, but I plan to change that. People’s happiness matters and it affects where they live and who they live around. It is much more important than people say it is. It’s like a virus; when one person feels better about themselves and they have a positive attitude, it will spread to others around them. It’s time for Michigan to be happy and positive on what it is doing. While expressing my positive attitude through physical therapy, I will help Michigan be the state that stands out to people. People will want to live here!

Destiny C.

Michigan has always been my home. My greatest memories of Michigan come from my childhood. I remember the hours I spent at many park playscapes, my time pruning in the lakes and getting sand in my shoes, and enjoying everything there was to offer. Often I'd go and revisits these sites and I'd find that nothing looks the same. The playscapes are full of trash, the lakes aren't as clean, I see than some areas are run down by poverty, and my areas of childhood pleasure just need a little TLC. My dual degree in environmental engineering and entrepreneurship will be utilized for cleaning these areas and raising money to restore Michigan to it's beauty for my eyes and the eyes of those to come.

Using my skills in entrepreneurship, I'd like to build a business that hires people to clean polluted areas, recycle as much trash as possible, and sell the recyclables to different manufacturers. My innovative engineering abilities would help me to figure out the best way to execute my idea. Since all great business rely on great employees, I'd start by hiring people locals to pick up trash in areas closest to them since they'll care the most about the pollution. Minimal skill is needed for this job which would attract the youth and people working their way through school.

After enough money accumulates I hope to develop recycling centers all around Michigan. Some people fail to recycle because it lacks convenience. To solve this problem each recycle center would be within a minimum of ten miles from densely populated areas and also in recreational areas. This will encourage areas to stay free of pollution while also allowing my company to gain for profit that can go toward recreational restoration. 

Michigan has it's many issues but pollution doesn't have to be one of them. My future degrees will reverse the effects of pollution and decrease it's recurrence.

Micah T.

Although Michigan has endured many hardships, such as an arduous recession and an unfortunate bankruptcy, it has developed the grit to recover from many of its struggles. Though time has facilitated in improving Michigan, there is always room for innovation. I believe that I can contribute to the continued improvement of Michigan.

Upon graduating from high school, I will matriculate to a four-year college, where I will receive a degree in Marketing. With this degree, I will have a firmer basis with which to ameliorate the future of Michigan by working to improve the job market and reaching out to the youth of the tomorrow.

My degree will enable me to assist in opening more job opportunities by creating an international marketing firm, focusing on innovating and growing businesses globally. With the headquarters of the firm in Michigan, I hope to generate at least 3,000 jobs available to residents of the state of Michigan.

As I think of who will facilitate and accelerate the process of further illuminating the future of Michigan, I think of the youth within Michigan. Along with alleviating the rate of unemployment, I believe that with an acquired degree in business, I will be able to mentor and expose the youth to business. I will create a stimulating and interactive non-profit business program for teens in grades 8th-12th. As a result of this business program I believe that it will not only enable teens to maximize their business potential and get a head start on their careers, but will help teens escape the feeling of “hopelessness” and desolation that continues to surface throughout communities. The business program for teens will encompass the culture of entrepreneurship, teaching the importance of financial literacy, professionalism, networking, and the mechanics of how to run a thriving business. My goal is that these teens will feel inspired and well-equipped to become leaders with the business acumen to stay and build their own companies like the Chelsea Milling Company who are the makers of Jiffy cornbread, Kellog’s food company, or a chain hypermarket such as Meijer. These are just a few of the homegrown companies in Pure Michigan and once I achieve a degree in business, I vow to invest my energy and leadership in the enrichment of Pure Michigan.

Angel C.

Michigan is historically known for its tradition of excellence. We have harvested the talent and invention of Henry Ford and a young Thomas Edison; the success and enterprise of the 'Big Three'; and the beauty and nature's granduer of our Great Lakes is seen all across our great state. The state of Michigan is unique and throughout our rich history, Michigan has excelled in all possible facets and has been successful in all possible ways since its founding. 

I desire to be a part of that - to build upon and directly impact the legacy of that tradition. As a native of Michigan, namely the City of Pontiac, I come from a background of extreme adversity and unfortunately the tradition of my family and friends has been quite limited. My dream is to break that cycle and start a new tradition - a tradition of excellence - the traditions that are embodied in the Michigan tradition.

My interest is in the medical industry and research, specifically. I aspire to be a nurse and to have an impact on the medical profession. Through my experiences working in my local community of Pontiac and within the local Democratic party there, I also understand that to be truly effective, policy sets the norm. Our state and our country needs policy makers that work within medicine and I desire to be one of them, having a direct impact in my state and local community.

I will prepare for this by furthering my education at the University of Michigan - majoring in nursing and minoring in political science. UofM is one of the leading research and medical institutions in the WORLD! That tradition is something that has changed the world many times over. That is the tradition I deeply yearn to be a part of - a tradition of changing worlds.  

Hence, I understand that this education will also change MY world. An unfortunate tradition where mediocrity and poverty are the norms; where education is not emphasized and simple survival is the standard. Over the years, my local community of Pontiac has gone from a tradition of burgeoning success in manufacturing to economic callapse. We now carry a stigma that needs to be remedied for the better. But in true Michigan fashion, I trust that resurrgence is on the horizon within the medical profession and I will be a part of that effort.

I dont think of myself as a poor, underprivileded, ghetto girl who is limited in thinking or potential. I know who I am and I think of myself as a young, black teenager from the inner-city of Pontiac with a strong connection to God and the roots from which I have evolved. I am responsible for myself and I have to make good. I must blaze a path for success and give back to these communities that have given so much to me.

Cody L.

I have been an involved student over the course of my high school career. I take my academics seriously and try to stay as involved as I can. I will take my college education just as seriously. I will be majoring in Mechanical engineering at Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids Michigan. I have always loved tinkering, researching, and building, I would like to specialize in heavy equipment, such as diesel semi-trucks that connect our state highways and bring goods and products to the consumers of Michigan’s great cities.

I have lived in Michigan all my life and so has my family. We enjoy all that Michigan has to offer, including all four seasons. I have a few ideas that I would like to share on how I believe my degree will help the state of Michigan.

My goals are to live and work in Michigan. I will be pursuing a career in the heavy equipment industry in Michigan. I would like work on many aspects from helping reduce weight in semi-trucks to improving power, and fuel mileage. This will help reduce the weight on our state roadways and increasing power will improve all trucks function and durability over years. This will help Michigan trucking companies from replacing trucks too soon, reducing the amount of fuel they use, and less maintenance of their vehicles. 

“Green Trucks”, the more we discuss and research of how to develop and implement an alternate fuel vehicle program, the better it will be for Michigan’s environment, Michigan’s economy, and for the people who live here. 

We can work to make semi-tractor and trailers designs lighter and more aerodynamic. This will lighten the average load down from around eighty thousand pounds. This will not put as much wear and tear on our cities roads.

Improving power, will optimize performance out on the road. Again help with fuel mileage. This will allow Michigan trucking companies to haul their loads more effectively and efficiently.

A career choice to me is something that should not be taken lightly. You are working all through high school and college to achieve a meaningful career, why not give it your all and work as hard as you possibly can to earn the career that you have always wanted. These are just a few examples of how my degree could help the state of Michigan. Thank you for your time and consideration!

Cody Lingerfelt, Center Line High School, class of 2015

Miracle C.

Improvement in the youth today can change the state of Michigan tomorrow. After I graduate High School. I plan to get a college degree and become a teacher. I find that more often than not, ones hardest subject is math. This happens to be my easiest subject. As I stay ahead in all my classes I find myself helping others that are behind. Helping my peers with math has resulted in my love for the learning process. There is no better feeling than being able to help someone learn, to have someone understand a subject because of you. This has made one of my goals in life is to become a teacher.

Teachers have a huge impact on the youth. I witnessed that many of my peers lack motivation. As a teacher I can assist students not only in mathematics, a relatively hard subject, but I could motivate them. A teacher that cares could ultimately change a student’s life. My Degree could help the youth today which would change the State of Michigan tomorrow.

Along with becoming a teacher, I plan to start my own nonprofit organization. There are numerous things that I want to change about my State that in my opinion will assist in bringing it up. Noticing the abundance amount of abandoned houses and buildings in Michigan, has contributed to being one of the things that I want to change. I want to start a nonprofit organization that will fix up a number of these abandon houses and buildings around my community. This organization will help beautify urban areas of Michigan, and could possibly create jobs if it gets the proper funding, and assist in the growth of Michigan. 

Jayela S.

In the spring of 2019, I will be graduating form Western Michigan University with a degree in Supply Chain Management. To obtain this degree, it takes skills such as; problem solving, hard decision making, communication, working with people and numbers, organization, and following directions. I aspire to have a high position at a luxury car company. 

During the recession, many families suffered from the harsh economic downfall, including mine. I witnessed my father lose his job, making him unable to provide for my brother and I. My mother was forced to scrounge on her low income to support her children to the best of her ability. This was an extremely hard time for my family, at times I thought I would have to quit sports and get a job to help my mother pay the bills. My mother tried her best not to expose that we were struggling, however it was undoubtedly obvious. 

Setting goals is a key factor to success, which is something I practice daily. Whether they are short term goals or long term goals, you must have your eyes on the prize. When I achieve my goal of obtaining my executive position, I will set another goal of transforming Michigan’s economy to the best in the country. No family deserves to suffer from another recession or depression. By building up the car company that I work at, I could continue to help the other companies to not focus on competing with one another so much, but rather working together to achieve a common goal of bettering the economy. Once all of the car companies are successful, that will result to workers becoming successful also. Since car companies will become well off, we can then start to run campaigns to raise money for families in need and charities. To some, my plan may sound like a fairy tale, but the sky is the limit. Anything is possible, and you should always want your hometown to be a superior place to live and visit.

Money isn’t everything; however life is easier when you are well off enough to provide for your family. With my degree, I will better the state of Michigan by altering the economy for the better of all. Thank you for considering me for this scholarship. 

Kayla W.

My degree in Computer Science will help me improve the state of Michigan. Michigan is very well known for its manufacturing and automobile industry. Our great state can also become well known for other things. Michigan can be the new face of cochlear implants. A cochlear implant is a medical device that provides hearing for those who are deaf. I can use my degree in Computer Science to create and improve software within the cochlear implants. Owning a cochlear implant is very expensive and requires a lot of medical attention. The development of this process will help bring more money to the State of Michigan. Also, more people will be more willing to come to Michigan to get an implant surgically and update their cochlear at least once a year. I have decided to major in Computer Science and work on cochlear implants because I was born deaf. I have had a cochlear implant since I was about three years old and I have a lot of experience with the cochlear. I know where there needs to be improvements and what can be created to better help cochlear implant recipients. 

Errol F.

As a recipient of this scholarship I will be able to attend George Mason University majoring in International Business with a minor in Chinese. My degree in International Business will help the State of Michigan by helping it become a more inclusive state and an International hub for diversity. Over the years the Metro Detroit area as a whole has become a “melting pot” for people from all over the world. People of all ethnic groups, religious beliefs, and cultures call Michigan their home. I plan to use my degree to work with local businesses to help these groups become more known and feel apart of the community. I want to help people understand that just because you look “different” doesn't mean that you are different. With the downtown area making a turn around and more businesses coming to Detroit to be apart of this positive change. I plan to work with businesses from all over the world to help bring an International feel right here to us. The Metro Detroit area has so many different communities that are experiencing a change, ranging from the Asian Community in southwest Detroit to the Islamic community in Dearborn. I want businesses who represent these cultures to relocate here and add to the rebuilding of Metro Detroit. I want Michigan on the level of Washington D.C and Chicago when it comes to diversity and inclusion. The success of these places have inspired me to want to be apart of change. The increase in travel and added publicity will consequently boost our economy and job market. Thus, bring stability to Michigan as a whole. 

Sydnee L.

I was born and raised here in Michigan and have personally seen the effects of having and not having adequate medical care. My Grandmother suffered from numerous medical conditions and died from heart failure. My Grandfather suffered from dementia and passed away. Both these individuals loved me and I loved them dearly. Seeing them having ot deal with their ordeals led me to the medical field. I've been raised to be loyal, honest and upright. These traits will serve me well, for I will not be one of the many that carry their talents to other states. Michigan needs young people to stay and become the future of this Great State. I had offers to attend school out of state but have chosen to remain and pursue my degree. I cannot think of a better way to serve than to serve those with health issues. By providing them with the needed care it will raise their quality of life. My Grandmother always tells me I'm a blessed child and now I can see why. Having been raised in a loving household and not having to suffer through any significant medical issues, I finally understand. My desire is to complete my degree, become an anesthesiologist and work within the inner city to assist those who truly need care. By not leaving and forgetting where I came from, I feel I can serve with humility, having a caring heart and provide the best possible care to those in need. By I love this state and I am prepared to become one of its future leaders. By applying myself and being a role model I feel I can be an example to others and prove that this state has many opportunities only if more of us would have the courage to stay and serve.

Jazlynn S.

The saying “there is no place like home” couldn’t be anymore true. A home is the place where everything starts as well as a place where you can return. It’s the place you resonate best with. It’s a place that is like no other. For me, that place is none other than right here in Michigan. I was born here, I was raised here, and I have no intentions of leaving.  

When I go to college, my major will be Film Studies. I have had an interest in movies and film making ever since fifth grade. My mom signed me up for Y Arts Media Summer Camp in the downtown Detroit area. When we she told me what she had done, I wasn’t too excited. She was always signing me up for something and it was starting to bug me. But to my surprise, as the weeks went by, I found myself looking forward to going everyday. I learned the basics of movie making, how to use the equipment, and how to edit. Editing was my favorite part of the whole camp experience. It made me fall in love with the film industry and made me want to pursue a career within it. In the future, hope to have career in post-production.

Throughout the past few years, Detroit has begun to become the “New Hollywood.” Many major motion pictures have been filmed in the metro and downtown Detroit area. Like, for instance: “Transformers: Age of Extinction”, “Karate Kid”, and “Eloise.” When more films are made here, Michigan makes more money. Also, people around the world start to see Michigan’s true beauty. In a few years, residents won’t have to move to Hollywood or New York City to pursue this career choice. Everything they imagined will be right at their fingertips.  

In my opinion, staying in Michigan has more advantages than disadvantages. If I pursue my career here, I could be a part of a great advancement of the State of Michigan. Why would I want to go anywhere else? I mean it snows a lot and the weather is unpredictable, but I love it here. This is my home and there is no place like it. 

Olivia M.

If Michigan is to be a great state, I firmly believe that we need to provide a quality education for all of its children. I’ve had the privilege of volunteering at a school in the inner city, working with children who are cognitively impaired. I say, “privilege” because after this experience I have a different outlook on how people treat others without truly knowing what they’re all about. I must admit that I was a little apprehensive at first. I was not only going into a community which was much more economically deprived than the one I grew up in, but I was also interacting with students who had a limited ability to learn. At first I pitied them, but then I got to know them. In this process, I discovered their individual personalities and abilities and realized that each one of them had something to offer. I also realized that not only was I helping them to learn, but they were also teaching me lessons about life.  

Some of my peers choose to mock and shut-out those that are unlike themselves. I have a desire to reach out to help others. That is why two years ago I joined, “Peer to Peer”, a mentoring program for students with special needs. I feel like no act of kindness or encouragement is ever wasted and can often leave a lasting impression. I also believe that a true leader includes those who otherwise might be excluded. They lead to bring out the best in everyone.

These experiences have led me to the decision to become a special education teacher. There is a critical shortage of special education teachers in Michigan. I choose to set my academic and personal goals high and work hard to attain my level of success. I know I can make a difference in the lives of others while enriching my own. Being involved in education will provide me opportunities to give back to my community within our state and further develop my leadership skills to encourage others to do the same.