2014 Spokester Search: Teaira R.

Teaira is a 24-year-old from Detroit

Teaira’s Situation

I graduated from the University of Michigan. I studied English Language & Literature, which has allowed me to open my mind and think critically while expanding my writing skills. I completed a programming internship with FM 98 WJLB. I also completed a Social Media/PR internship with Creative Rights, a non-profit organization that gives free law services to local artists. Most recently I worked as a Production Assistant for Viacom/BET Networks and Go Gyrl Entertainment. Vote for me to be the next Michigan Spokester! 

Teaira’s Blog Post

5 Tips for a Great Summer on a Budget! 

Summer is quickly approaching. You’re finally back above the red line after Winter holiday splurging and you’re already planning to spend money that you don’t have on the upcoming summer season. Here are five tips to playing harder this summer while also spending smarter!

1. Avoid dining out
Dining out can be even more tempting in the summer. With rising temperatures and longer days, you'll do anything to go out and enjoy the sun. Well hopefully not ANYTHING. Instead of going to your local restaurant though, link up with friends for picnics and grilling. It will give you a chance to enjoy the weather, your friends, and also keep some extra money in your pocket. Another solution is to start living a healthier lifestyle. I know what you’re thinking; eating healthy sucks and cannot be fun. LIES! Besides, most produce is in season during the summer months so they tend to be cheaper. Below is the link to the Young and Free Michigan blog. Victoria Goldwater has a lot of healthy and delicious recipes at minimal costs! ;) 


2. Thrifting
Summer is the best time to thrift rather than heading to the mall. Many people are having summer garage sales and donating to local thrift stores after their spring-cleaning is complete. Adding a few vintage pieces to your wardrobe or antique pieces to your room can add extra spice and creativity to your life without breaking the bank. Please remember to WASH any clothes you buy before you wear them!

3. Cheap Entertainment
What is my favorite thing about summer? Free festivals, movie screenings, and outdoor concerts of course. Instead of splurging on your next date night or outing with friends, find free events in the metro Detroit area! Below you will find a link that shares some great FREE things to do in Metro Detroit.


4. Buy your books early
If you are a college student don’t wait until the week before school starts to buy books at expensive campus bookstores. Sign up for your classes as early as possible and request a syllabus. I know it hurts your brain to even think about class during the summer break but it PAYS off! Books are drastically cheaper if bought on Amazon.com or eBay. Amazon has great perks for student account holders!

5. Vacation vs. Staycation
A long vacation to a beach may not be in your budget but there are still ways to enjoy the sun! Grab your towel and friends and head to the nearest lake. This is a great way to relax by the water and soak up the sun. If you must expand this day trip over the weekend there are plenty of lake houses that you can rent out and split the costs among your friends. 

Open up your minds to new things this summer and close your wallets. The most memorable moments and important things in life are FREE!