2014 Spokester Search: Tami B.

Tami is a 19-year-old from West Bloomfield

Tami’s Situation

I am currently a student at Rochester College. I have a major in Theater and a minor in Creative writing. I am also a client at Explore Talent Agency, and just finished my job as a spokes model for Barbizon modeling center.

Tami’s Blog Post

Working toward your dream job is always the best feeling, and getting paid is a bonus. Young people should work at a job that shows their personality in their professions as well. As a spokes model for Barbizon modeling center, it was my job to help young people and influence them to show their inner beauty and outer beauty as well. They had a lot of fun interacting with me, and I had fun making people smile. Getting paid made me feel like I accomplished something which in my opinion makes finance fun.