2014 Spokester Search: Starria C.

Starria is an 18-year-old from Clinton Township



Starria’s Situation

I am currently a senior in high school preparing for college. Besides focusing on school and maintaining my grades, I blog. On my blog I post pictures that portray fashion, beauty, and health. I also post articles almost every Monday that either discuss tops or are stories on people that relate to health, beauty, and fashion. With school and blogging on my plate, I make occasional trips to the mall to stay up on the latest fashions and trends. I also babysit often and help out around my church and community.

Starria’s Blog Post

Smart Shoppers
In Michigan, we’re all desperate for the sun to stay out and melt our mountains of snow away; however, that hasn’t happened for us yet. For those who are experiencing the same weather conditions as we are, it’s our time to hit the mall or do some online shopping. Even though we’re still experiencing winter, now is the time to start shopping for spring and summer outfits. Shopping smart is all about checking for the sales and shopping out of season. It’s not always as easy to find coupons when shopping for clothes like you would for groceries; however, you can always find them in almost any magazine (my favorite is Teen VOGUE). This doesn’t mean that if you receive a coupon in the mail or in an email for $10 off a purchase of $60 or more to use it right away, because it may not always be the best deal.

A smart shopper plans ahead: not literally making a spread sheet or calendar of when you’ll shop, but having ideas in mind of what you’ll purchase in the near future. This includes online browsing for items you want to purchase or finding out when a sale is coming up. For smart shoppers, this is also a good thing because it helps you save money and manage it better. When you see something for the current season, like a sweater, and you think ‘Oh, but I can wear it next winter,’ think of if you want to stay up to date with the latest fashion or if it’s even worth purchasing to have it laid up in a dark and cold closet. So the next time you’re browsing online or walking around Forever 21 and you see a cozy, knitted sweater, think about if you will benefit from it in the near future.