2014 Spokester Search: Kristopher S.

Kristopher is a 21-year-old from Detroit


Kristopher's Situation

I'm currently a youth minister at the House of Prayer, Praise, and Power, and I work full-time for LeCom Utility Contractors.

Kristopher's Blog Post

Want To Know How To Save Money? 
We've all had a job that didn't pay exactly what we want, let's face it we all want full-time benefits with part-time work. [Less Hours. More Money] :P
Well what if I could easily teach you to spend less, save more, and ESTABLISH wealth! Name anybody you know who doesn't want wealth!
What I did was first get a Michigans Fist Gear Account which gives me access to a savings and checking account. Then instead of living check to check, Budget & Balance

Then follow these simple rules: 5% Private Equity
7-12% Real Estate
50% Securities 
15-20% Alternatives 
All you have to do is stick to it, and watch the royalties come in baby!!