2014 Spokester Search: Kathleen M.

Kathleen is a 25-year-old from Detroit

Kathleen’s Situation

I am currently working as a Production Assistant & Coordinator. For almost a year now I have my own YouTube Channel that I post weekly on. I am looking for a new and exciting opportunity.

Kathleen’s Blog Post

When you think of finances, money management or having to deal with large amounts of money comes to thought. Finances can be tricky, but with a positive mindset it can become a very fun factor in your life. From my personal point of view I have learned a great deal about finances since I've been engaged. When merging two individuals finances together it can be mind boggling at first but as the journey goes on I've found that finances are actually interesting. Whether you are building your life a single person or as a couple there are certain things that you want to include in your lifestyle. You begin to shop around for insurance, furniture, apartment/house etc..

Personally, since I've been engaged, the things I liked purchasing most is furniture. Anytime you shop around for these types of things you need to be organized and have calculated your finances to find out what you can really afford. Michigan First has a great debit card that I use very often to buy items and pay my bills. I used to think that paying bills was annoying, but the bill pay on Michigan first makes paying bills very simple. You can manually pay your bills before they are due or setup an automatic pay period with your personal bill pay.

Michigan First also has a great credit card that I plan on signing up for soon that gives you points every time you purchase anything in the state of Michigan! That in itself makes it fun to shop around because you know you are earning yourself some points in your home state. I also find it cool that when you sign up for The Michigan First Credit card that you get to choose the credit card look from different attractions right here in the state of Michigan. As a young adult it is exciting to decorate your own living space. It is an awesome feeling to be able and say "I bought and picked out this furniture myself".

Finances has helped me to learn how to save my money so I can buy things that I want and need for my lifestyle. My money management has helped my fiancé and I to save money for our wedding, apartment, electronics, dining room, living room & bed room set. If you think finances is harmful you are sadly mistaken. The choice is in your hands to create an organized future for your finances and your life! Always remember that anything you put positive, thought or action, will result in an positive outcome. Let your future shine bright in every way possible!