2014 Spokester Search: Joy H.

Joy is a 25-year-old from St. Clair Shores

Joy’s Situation

Hi I am currently a senior attending Wayne State University, my concentration is communication studies. I am currently seeking a position to effectively validate my communication competence in a professional environment, while creating a positive atmosphere within the work place. My innovative abilities allows me to produce solutions, with the knowledge I have obtained throughout my college experience. As a student assistant to the Associate VP and Chief Housing Officer of the university I have the skills to relate to the students on a peer to peer level in a professional manor and I also bridge the communication gaps between the faculty and the students.

Joy’s Blog Post

Growing up I have always wanted nice things. As a child I believed that when I became an adult I would automatically acquire nice things however I have grown to realize, that was indeed a fairy tale. Not only should I work to obtain the things I want, I should save my earnings in order to secure my future. Being that I was not born into a wealthy family achieving the American dream has been one of the driving forces behind my ideology. Saving not only became a priority but it became a lifestyle. Saving is not a habit I was accustom to, I had to make a serious commitment about my financial prosperity. Saving is a projection of the future therefore we must begin with the end in mind. As a young adult I have come to realize that all goals are obtainable, if I properly plan in advance. With graduation vastly approaching there were items I needed and also wanted. I first priced the items, calculated the total balance, and lastly set savings goals. As time progressed I watched my funds increase and I was able to purchase the items on my list. It is also imperative to continuously set finical goals although at times saving can become a drag, the routine of saving brings forth many rewards. When I meet my finical goals I feel as though I have accomplished an important task and it inspires me to reach more. I want to encourage you all to start saving if you are not currently doing so and to also continue to save if you are.