2014 Spokester Search: Jeremiah B.

Jeremiah is a 25-year-old from Detroit

Jeremiah’s Situation

Hello Michigan!

My name is Jeremiah Brown and I am a professional young man that’s doing great things in the Metro Detroit area. I plan on leaving my mark by motivating and inspiring others! I inspire to do great things within the community by bringing awareness and positive resources to our youth. I have an extensive background in visual design, creative artistry and community outreach. Currently, I’m a Communications Major at Rochester College in Rochester Hills, Michigan. I plan to become a Fashion Journalist after completing my education. I am receiving hands on experience currently by working in the fashion industry as a Merchandise Coordinator, Personal Stylist and Image Consultant. Not only am I striving to succeed in the fashion industry but I have a profound background in Multimedia Production due to my technical training from Specs Howard School of Media Arts. While attending Specs Howard I studied Radio and Film Production.

Over the last few years, I have participated in many great organizations. Detroit Youth Foundation (DYF) was one of those organizations. DYF is a youth empowerment program that teaches young adults how to become leaders in today’s society. I have also taken part in the Detroit Optimist Club, Detroit City Camp and Better Detroit Youth Movement. I believe that becoming the Young & Free Michigan Spokester will give me the opportunity to represent Michigan First Credit Union in the most professional and creative way, but will also allow me the voice of young adults!

Jeremiah’s Blog Post

Finance Savvy…
Becoming finance savvy begins with knowing the ins and outs of your finances. As young adults we often hear about the importance of budgeting and managing our money. Most young adults take their income and splurge on the things they most desire. When in reality we should be thinking about long term expenses. Such education loans, car payments, insurance, and day to day expenses. As adults it is our reasonability to manage our funds and be aware of every dime that enters and exits our accounts. Here’s a few steps on how to manage your money and become more finance savvy.

  • Open a checking account
  • Open a savings account
  • Place 10% of your weekly earnings into your savings
  • Create a budget 
  • Develop a budget worksheet
  • Manage your checkbook 
  • Know how much interest your account is gaining
  • Know your credit Score
  • Avoid credit cards or loans with high interest rates
  • Attend an Investment workshop
  • Cut back on careless spending (dinning out, Starbucks and shopping)