2014 Spokester Search: Jaharah M.

Jaharah is a 22-year-old from Detroit

Jaharah’s Situation

Happy Winterish Spring everyone! My name is Jaharah Muhammad, my background is in Information Technology and Marketing Consultation. Being a Zumba® and Bokwa® Fitness instructor allows me the privilege of interacting with people everyday, encouraging stress"less" actions and positive thinking. I love having a "diamond shaped square" outlook on life and enjoy helping others; make a plan, budget, and invest in themselves!

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You can save over $1,000 in one year starting with only $1

Financially Fierce

Prom Night! Where adolescent independence is really tested. So how does one don their ideal style without breaking the bank? The average prom attendee spends the largest portion of prom on their attire; after all YOU need to look stellar!! First off, it's your night and EVERYONE wants to get involved! Let your older sibling, cousin, mom, or dad feel a little a part of your right of passage. Borrow a family or friend's outfit and bring retro to reality by adding flourish to the ensemble. Take the "one man's give up is another man's get-up" approach, head to your local tailor and see what customer's failed to pickup. Bonus! The threads can get custom fitted while in the shop. If you're a "prim"adonna and know, not so much as a drop of punch will touch your outfit; consider renting from a formalwear boutique. Local organizations also want to help you stun with Prom dress giveaways such as "Belle of the Ball" and "J ackets for Jobs".

That takes care of attire, on to the glam! We all have THAT friend who is a total whiz with their hair. To save on outgoing cash flow, ask for the best friend discount. We know prom is super stressful; to be fair, treat your friend and yourself to spa services at the local cosmetology school. 

Need a lift anyone! You can never go wrong with the classic carpool for the limo ride. But for those who want to ARRIVE (and don't have brave family to let us borrow that 2014 vehicle that drives like a boat.) You can go the chic and posh town car luxury route via Uber drivers. Or be a one with the times, trendsetter and try "lyft". Lyft is inexpensive and the drivers are down to earth, friendly people. Get this, if a friend signs up they can send you a "lyft" worth $25 with no out of pocket cost to them.

To accommodate for energy refueling at your dinner dash, consider becoming an app expert! There are many iPhone and android apps that can keep your meal money, manageable. Some common favorites are groupon, amazon local deals, and travelzoo. With these applications, you can make a “reservation” and purchase a particular deal that will best meet the needs of your group. 

What is the single, most important aspect of prom (after your debut of course) - SOCIALIZATION! Let's think inside the budget box. Bowling alleys where pictures, laughter, and good vibes are always welcome. There are arcade games, food, and of course bowling! Some venues have a room available for rent; you can bring your own televisions, set up gaming systems, movies, get a mini dance floor going and buy the bowling games at a discount. 

After all these savings, you can make a deposit into your Michigan First Credit Union College Fund and gear up for the next big stage in life. How's that for a financially fierce penny pinchers prom!

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