2014 Spokester Search: Eric P.

Eric is a 25-year-old from Detroit

Eric’s Situation

As of right now, I am currently living my DREAM! As a senior with one class left at Wayne State University, my major is marketing and advertising with a concentration in social media.

Back in May 2012, my love and passion for social media lead me to become the founder and CEO of a social media marketing company, Social Payne Productions LLC. With my faith and hope for Detroit's comeback, my target audience is very niche, Wayne State University (then spreading through metro Detroit). I thank GOD every morning I wake up for another opportunity to build upon this dream! :-)

Eric’s Blog Post


How many people prefer a credit union over a bank? GREAT! I knew we were on the same page! But don’t worry; I will share with you a plethora of ways to become a credit union star! Let’s do some brief research!

Compare benefits with a credit union versus a bank

Ask yourself questions similar to these below: 

  • What can a bank offer me? What can a credit union offer me? 
  • Do I like high risk when it comes to my money? 
  • Is my bank account insured? Is my credit union account insured?
  • Do I like high interest rates? Do I like low interest rates? 
  • What are the fees for penalties at a bank versus a credit union? 
  • Do a bank engage with the community versus a credit union?
  • Am I part-owner with a bank or a credit union? 

Looks like we have weighed the options between the bank and a credit union pretty good huh? You are on your way to becoming a CREDIT UNION STAR! Now that we have did some research, let’s look at the specifics of what credit unions have did in the past… 

PERKS of credit union memberships 

Do you like money? I think we could all use some extra money! 

You get to win FREE stuff! Credit unions give away more than 100,000 worth of prices to young adults! They are in the form of awesome scholarship, COOL products, gift cards and more! 


Ask close friends, relatives, associates or comrades of their experiences with banks and credit unions. Also, utilize your online resources such as social media to gain insight on these types of things. Facebook is a great tool for such an effort! When one person comments with an opinion many others usually join the conversation! 

Now that you are a Credit Union Superstar! Choose Wisely!

See you next time,

Eric ;-) 

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