2014 Spokester Search: Cierra A.

Cierra is a 24-year-old from Lathrup Village


Cierra’s Situation

I am currently a senior at Wayne State University. I will be Graduating in May. I am looking for opportunities to advance my experience and help businesses to grow.

Cierra’s Blog Post

Broke Girl Budget - Lessons from a Shopaholic
Lesson 1: Why you should act broke before you become broke.
I will never forget when I first heard the song Rich by Lolene. I was in my room watching music videos when her music video came on. The song was catchy and the video was cute and glamorous. I began to bob my head and take in the lyrics. I liked the song up until it got to the lyrics of the chorus.

“Because I walk like I'm rich
I talk like I'm rich
I spend like I'm rich
But I ain't got no money
I think like I'm rich
I drink like I'm rich
I live like I'm rich
Hey hey Hollywood
Fake it till I make it, fake it till I make it…”

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I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! How can someone brag about how rich they act but still be broke? Then I thought about it, that’s how a lot of people act today. I admit, I am guilty of this too. People are so caught up with keeping up appearance that they lack in financial stability. I know people who own the latest IPhones, Jordan’s, Gucci, Coach, etc. but still ride the bus, depend on food stamps, still live in their parent’s house, and are living paycheck by paycheck. These are people that are in their late twenties going on thirty. I have to admit that I have slightly fallen in somewhat the same predicaments. I can be materialistic sometimes. I will admit that I am a shopaholic. Fortunately, I have a car, I am not dependent on Food Stamps (I am not at all looking down on those that are dependent on Government Aid), I have a job, but I am still living in my father’s house and I don’t have much saved for the future.

Now I know what you are thinking, how can someone who isn’t all the way financially stable teach anyone about finances? Well, all I can do is give my advice that derives from my mistakes. I want to teach people how to spend better and save better than I did. I want to teach people how to act broke before you become broke.