2014 Spokester Search: Alexandra C.

Alexandra is a 19-year-old from Lake Orion

Alexandra’s Situation

I'm Alex Chevrier! Nineteen-year-old part-time student, part-time worker, & passionate ballroom dancer! In addition, I'm about to move out of my parents house! I can fully relate to the financial dilemma that young people go through while starting their adult lives. However, it doesn't have to be financial disarray if it's done correctly! I'd be honored to help spread the word on how to accomplish financial freedom and smoothly advance in life- and have fun doing it (just because we're talking about money doesn't mean we can't have a little fun)!! I have so much energy and love for people and networking. Using this generations technology to reach young people, like myself, is a huge advantage- that's another reason why I think I'd be perfect for this job! Vote for me and I will bring a unique, energetic aspect to the table!

Alexandra’s Blog Post


As a young adult, have you ever thought

“I’d love to move out & have my own place, but…”

“I’d love to own my car, but…”

Me too. Let’s address the “But”

The above sentences could have a million different endings:

“But I don’t think I could do it.”

“But I don’t have any money saved up.”

Whether you’re 12 (& still using a piggy bank) or 20 (& still borrowing money from your parents), I have a concept that can help get you on the track to financial independence & freedom. After all, it’s a difficult transition, financially separating from your parents. I have a few tips & tricks on how to be an adult about your money, so you can start being an adult in a lot of other ways! One word: Budgeting.



This means figure out how much you make. Exactly. Calculate your monthly income. Then calculate, approximately, how much you spend a month. Think about gas, school, food, ect. 


Do you want to buy that car? Move out? Figure out the goal. Then figure out how much $ you’ll need to accomplish that goal. 


Figure out how much money you need to accomplish your goal, then figure how much you’d like to have in savings before you make your purchase. Saving is setting yourself up so that any type of large purchase you make will not take away your financial stability. If Ben has no money in his savings, he is now living paycheck to paycheck which is a big no-no. He should save money so that he has some freedom to, let’s say, take a vacation & not worry about having enough to pay rent. I like to call this “cushion.” 

#4 $AVE

I know. You've heard it before. I don’t mean live a sad life where you eat ramen noodles & lose all your friends because you can’t do anything due to your “saving.” I mean, take half of every pay check, & put it in your savings. Always. For the rest of your life. Use the other half for gas, food, or weekend adventures. This way you can have fun while, simultaneously, being a responsible adult. 


Today’s the day! You've reached your “cushion goal” & you have enough cash to go ahead & allow yourself to make your purchase. Now you can buy your motorcycle, knowing you’ll still have $ in the bank even afterwords. You can buy that overpriced cat who stole your heart at the pet store, & still be able to fill up at the gas station.

Learning to budget is learning how to live without financial bonds, debt, & added stress! So, go on, breathe that sigh of relief & lay down on your fluffy green cushion=) 

Full-length blog @ http://alexchevrier43.wordpress.com/